How to Get Out of Debt

At last month’s graduation of Morehouse College, commencement speaker billionaire Robert F. Smith shocked the graduating class by announcing that he would pay off the entire senior class’s student loans — a gift of $40 million.



How Many Miracles Do You Get?

A woman phoned into my radio show and reported, “My husband and I tried to have a baby for years, but couldn’t. We prayed and prayed, and finally I got pregnant and we bore a beautiful baby. Now we would like another child and we are having difficulty conceiving. I’m wondering if I’ve used up my prayers. Are we allowed just so many miracles?”



Visible and Invincible

Studies show that many people are more afraid of public speaking than being eaten by a tiger. Many clients tell me, “I have a project I would like to present to the world, but I am petrified of being exposed.” Some ask me, “Why is it so scary to just get my book, art piece, speech, or coaching practice out there?”



A Heartbeat to Remember

While checking out at a grocery store I noticed that a cashier had an unusual tattoo on her forearm. “What is that tattoo?” I asked Ciani. She smiled. “It’s a copy of the EKG of my grandmother’s last heartbeat.”


The Rebirth of Kindness

As we observe the news, politics, hateful websites, and nasty blogs, it appears that the world has gone mad and darkness rules. Meanwhile many—perhaps most—people, still value compassion and service.


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