Interactive Live Programs


Mastery of Spiritual Writing

Live Webinar Series, Online Course, & Optional In-Person Hawaii Retreat


If you’re ready to get on with birthing and launching your best ideas, this unique program will help you cross the finish line. Our webinars, online lessons, community support forum, and optional personal coaching will give you the information, guidance, and confidence you need. Join the Hawaii retreat, and you will be filled with inspiration and vision to let your illumined ideas soar to your grateful audience. 


Holistic Life Coach Training

Online & In-Person Retreat

Begins SEPTEMBER 2024

Become a certified life coach or apply skills in your current profession and personal life. This holistic program with a small class size and lots of attention for each student is extraordinarily effective for coaches and the clients they reach. Better your life by helping others better theirs.

The Miracle Room


Every Thursday 11 AM Pacific

Would you like support to get clear on a decision, resolve an issue, or achieve a goal? Join Alan every Thursday for guidance to line up your life with your intentions, learn holistic coaching skills, and benefit from hearing Alan coach others. Interact live with Alan and share in a community of uplifting, like-minded peers.

Wisdom from the Heart



Alan delivers inspirational messages appropriate to current events via YouTube. Subscribe to Alan’s YouTube channel (then be sure to click on the bell to be notified when new videos are posted) for a fresh higher perspective and to find confidence to move ahead on your personal and spiritual path.

One Step Beyond


4-PArt webinar series (Sep 18 - Oct 9, 2024)

If you are eager to tap into the leading edge of paranormal research, you will be highly stimulated and illuminated by this series with Alan and world-class top-respected new thought leaders Leslie Kean, Daniel Sheehan, and James Tunney.

A feast for higher vision!

Finding Our Way Home



Alan teams with ACIM’s most experienced teachers Jon Mundy, Robert Holden, Robert Perry, and Gary Renard for a full-day program that will answer many of your questions about the Course and ignite  you to keep moving forward and make the amazing gifts of A Course in Miracles real in your life.

Self-Study Online