A Course
in Miracles

A Course in Miracles has changed my life in the most important ways. Since I opened the first page many years ago and felt awed by the wisdom that leapt out at me, I have come to realize these teachings are some of the most important gifts ever delivered to humanity.

It has been my goal to master the lessons. While I don’t always hit the mark, my continued staying with the program has gradually led me to more freedom, aliveness, trust, and well-being.

I’ve developed a number of programs to pass along my learning. I know that I learn what I teach, so I have immersed myself in teaching the Course.

Below you will find a foundational book, video and audio online courses, a free webinar series, and an exciting opportunity to meet in person to bring the Course alive in our lives.

I sincerely invite you to learn and expand with me on the greatest adventure there is — awakening the the depth of love inside of us, and the magnificent love that surrounds us.



ACIM Made Easy

A Course in Miracles Made Easy is the Rosetta stone that will render the Course understandable and relatable; and, most importantly, generate practical, healing results in the lives of students. This unique reader-friendly book will serve longtime students of the Course, as well as those seeking to acquaint themselves with the program.

ACIM Online Video

This online course will help you master A Course in Miracles, whether you want a definitive roadmap to healing your relationships, restoring your health, removing blocks to prosperity, or finding inner peace—or you just want answers to life’s most burning questions. Alan will help you decipher its most popular and challenging passages while understanding its most powerful (and sometimes controversial) lessons.

Free ACIM Made Easy Webinar Series

In each pre-recorded webinar, Alan illuminates one aspect of ACIM and provides lots of meaningful, practical examples of applying the Course in daily life. This free series is based on Alan’s bestseller A Course in Miracles Made Easy. You don’t need to purchase or read the book to gain benefit from the webinar. Just watch the videos and enjoy! Each webinar includes a lecture, Q&A, guided visualization, and prayer.