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Baby It’s You

Alan’s Newest Book Now Available!

Five people leading very different lives fear the world faces imminent disaster, and each tries to summon help from beyond the world. What they learn along the way transforms them from the inside out and delivers a new vision for their lives and for the planet. Alan’s new page-turner novel will shed light on your own healing journey and your power to create meaningful change.

The Mystical

Friends in
High Places

Soul and

The Master Keys
of Healing

A Course in Miracles
Made Easy

The Tao
Made Easy

Spirit Means Business

A Daily Dose of Sanity

A Deep
Breath of Life

Relax into Wealth

How Good Can It Get?

Are You As Happy As Your Dog?

The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

The Grace Factor

Enough Already

Dare to Be Yourself

I Had It All the Time

Why Your Life Sucks

Handle with Prayer

Happily Even After

Joy is My Compass

My Father’s Voice

Lifestyles of the
Rich in Spirit

Wisdom of the Heart

Rising in Love

Looking in for Number One

The Peace That You Seek

Don’t Get Lucky, Get Smart

Have You Hugged a Monster Today?

Linden’s Last Life