Whose Permission Do You Need?

I was coaching a woman who had been out of work for a while. Then she was offered a job she really liked. “I feel guilty because I am so excited about taking the job,” she told me. “My spiritual studies tell me I am not supposed to want things.”

I told her, “It’s fine to want things, and even finer to enjoy them. You are not supposed to crave things in a way that makes you suffer because you don’t have them.  How about if you reframe this job as a gift from the universe, affirming that you deserve to be happy?”

A big smile grew over her face. “That sure feels a lot better!”


Prepare for Your Greatest Good

I attended a lecture by Dr. Robert Muller, former Assistant to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Dr. Muller recounted an inspiring story about the time he received a notice that he had been drafted into the Nazi army. Being a compassionate pacifist, he had no desire or intention to fight with the Nazis. He was also a brilliant positive thinker. “After I received my draft notice, I went out and bought a bottle of champagne and invited some friends to help me celebrate getting out of the army. I had no idea how that would happen, but I knew it could, and would.”        


Faithkeepers Wanted: Apply Within

I saw a video of journalist Bill Moyers interviewing Chief Oren Lyons of the Native American Onondaga Council. Lyons was appointed to the position of Faithkeeper in the tribe. His job is to hold the vision of well-being no matter what adverse conditions presents themselves.  If there is war, famine, or threatening weather, he is the one person in the tribe who does not drop into fear or upset, even while others may. He is the rock upon which the tribe continues to thrive, and inspires the others to persevere and triumph.


Keep Your Eye on the Target

Lots of wild things are happening around us now. The Delta variant keeps Covid a factor in our lives. Major fires are burning, sending smoke across the entire nation. Hurricanes are battering cities. If you sit and watch the news, there is no end of things to worry about. Yet what seems daunting to the fearful mind represents a huge opportunity to the higher mind. Every thought, feeling, word, and action is a choice between fear and love. The greater the fear, the more powerful the transformation when we choose to trust.


What Will You Do with Your Life Now?

As the pandemic recedes, we are all looking forward to reclaiming something like the life we once knew. But could one of the purposes of the pandemic be to direct us to a life better than the one we knew?  While many people hope the world returns to normal, that could be the worst of our new choices.  We now stand at a critical crossroads that will either plunge the world into deeper darkness or elevate it to greater light.


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