Tribute to a Great Soul

A spiritual teacher once told me that during every generation a handful of pure souls come into the world as pillars of light to keep the world connected to pure positive energy. They bring upliftment to the masses and relieve humanity of suffering. Ram Dass, who merged back into the infinite on December 22, was one of these.


Answering the Call for Love

When Dee and I moved into our home in a rural area last year, a neighbor asked if she could place her flock of sheep in our pasture. Sure, we told her. We have since grown to love the sheep as gentle, peaceful creatures.


What Helps Doesn’t Have to Hurt

My coaching client Deb has been taking several medications, including an anti-depressant. “The problem is, for every issue the medications alleviate, they create two other problems, some of which are rather nasty,” she explained.


A Voice in the Wilderness

Dee and I just returned from the site of a large public protest near the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s largest volcano.


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