“We prayed for a long time to get pregnant, and I thought I never would,” Sara told me. “Then I finally conceived and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Now, several years later, we would like to have another baby, and again we are having a hard time. Do you think we used up our miracles?”

I told Sara, “You can’t use up your miracles. The idea that you get just so many miracles is a human limitation we project onto God. God offers an infinite number of miracles. We get as many miracles as we are willing to receive.”

When you believe that the universe is withholding some good from you, that’s the perfect time to check in to see if you are withholding from yourself. We are not dealing with a stingy universe. We are dealing with stingy beliefs.

I see this phenomenon when I coach people who are looking for a life partner, but can’t seem to find one. They offer lots of reasons why their relationship(s) didn’t work out. I ask them, “Is there a part of you that fears or resists getting into a relationship?” When we go deeper, there is always an internal choice. When we shine light on the fear and pump up the client’s vision of how wonderful a relationship could be, quite often they meet someone they click with. The internal click precedes the external manifestation.

I used to visit a retreat center that offered massages. I would usually stay for four days and get one massage. One day when I arrived I checked the massage schedule where people had signed up for massages, and I noticed that one fellow had signed up for four massages in four days. Suddenly I realized that I was allowed to do the same. My “one massage” belief was my own limited idea. “One massage per day” was the universe’s bigger idea.

There is no upper limit to love. If you believe just so much love is available, you have made up the story you are living in. You are free to make up a new story.

If you are a parent, and you helped something wonderful happen for your child, and later your child came to you and asked you to help something else wonderful happen, you would gladly do it. You would stream continuous blessings to your child if you could arrange it. Likewise, the love that forms the foundation of the universe holds nothing back.

If we, with our flawed human personalities, are eager to give everything we can to our children, how much more does God want us to have everything good?

Life does not have a fixed inventory of miracles for individuals or everyone. Receiving a miracle does not diminish your ability to have more. It actually amplifies your ability to have more. Whatever you focus on increases in your experience.

You will never use up your miracles. You are just getting started.

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