Mastery of Spiritual Writing Graduate Testimonials

What our Graduates are saying...


Although I had an offer from the publisher, I was procrastinating for nearly two years This program has given me inspiration and confirmation to trust the universe. It also reminded me how to keep the energy and vibes moving.

~ Rachel Chan



I liked it all! Especially helpful were the exercises with writing prompts and specific writing assignments with "due by" deadlines to prime the pump, especially the "book cover" assignment which made the future seem like a real possibility now.

~ Barbara Lovejoy



Loved all the resources, links, etc., given to help with publishing as well as the explanation of the different types of publishing. Also appreciated the votes of truly helps! Loved the idea of " God is my agent"

~ Margi Briggs



The vision and intention settings in the webinars by Alan always make the biggest difference for me. The homework provided me with a lot of clarity, was enjoyable to complete, and made the course more engaging. The content was well thought out, covered everything comprehensively, and included practical components. The reinforcement of the teachings through the webinars was highly beneficial.

~ Loan Truong



I was relieved to learn, as a spiritual writer, an outline for a book is not necessary. I enjoyed the breakout rooms to share with other writers. I especially enjoyed the way the course was laid out in sequential order to add layers as we journeyed through the course. I especially enjoyed the chapter that included "Key Elements of Successful Writing" and that service to people comes first and book sales will follow. The Authentic Writer was a great reinforcement for me. The section on "Your book as a stepping stone" gave me great information for where I see myself in my future. I enjoyed the entire course.

~ Linda Kent

Physical Therapist and
Author of "Love Heals All Wounds"


I loved reading the lessons online and taking notes as I worked through the material. Preparing for the Zoom meetings with the lessons brought it all together, and the lessons came alive. The lessons contained spiritual wisdom paired with literary success, enabling me to expand my perception about writing, and about life in general. The Zoom meetings had such a great feeling because everyone was there with the same general intention. Alan is wonderful to listen to, and I found myself laughing out loud during the calls and cheering for my fellow students. I looked forward to Tuesday evenings for the support and warmth that each call provided.

~ Madeline Wares



Alan!!! I loved the way it was structured and the subject matter each got to the heart of what it means to write from a place of inspired freedom. I always enjoy Alan's sense of humour. I loved the movie clips and that side of his personality coming through, his anecdotes as always and I also loved seeing the faces of other spiritual writers just like me!!! They all had the same doubts, the same hang ups. Debby is very cool - I intend to connect with her in September. I also enjoyed the break out group we did. Most of all it's learning from the best. It was Alan's spiritual writing that got me onto this path and its natural having written all my life for work to follow his amazing example for spiritual writing and getting in tune with the divine. I felt literally lighter and in a great mood after each and every session. And incredibly inspired. I'm still feeling this inspiration grow and flourish thanks to Alan and this Spiritual Master Course. Plus love the idea of a retreat - will be there with bells on!!

~ Jacqui Penny

Freelance journalist, holistic life coach, and writer


I went into this course with the idea that I would publish my poetry as my main goal that I have been writing for most of my life. The inspiration and content that I gleaned from the course, the participants, the writing assignments and the in depth content- the course expanded my vision as a writer. I'm currently working on a 52 week devotional that I started in June and I already have over 40 topics! I have also put a myriad of other projects on paper in an ""Idea journal"; such as composing meditation music, the first sentence o a novel or perhaps a memoir, an Affirmation Journal, Trademarking my "signature" and even thinking about a screenplay. This course has built my confidence as a writer, given me clarity of purpose and has shown me that Spirit will guide me every step of the way and lead me to my perfect, right, audience so that my readers/listeners can be aided and guided by the road(s) I have already traveled.

~ Laura Ley va



It was perfect! Realizing and owning that I AM a writer; getting rid of self-doubt; gaining confidence, and coming to realize that we were chosen to write, and that there is already an audience of readers out there just waiting to read our books! I felt guided by Spirit not only to sign up immediately for the course but to listen for, hear, and follow Spirit's guidance during and after the course. The best one was Class #17, with specific steps on how to publish and especially having your (Alan's) personal recommendations for people to help us self-publish. This was invaluable and certainly not expected. Alan, you are so authentic and transparent! A Zoom class with you is just like being in the same room as you. Having you read my short book when I finished it, and give it a wonderful "green light to publish" review was a true gift! The curriculum was well organized, well thought out, refreshing and, in a nutshell, SUPERB! (This, coming from a master lesson-plan-writer!). Each class was clearly Spirit-led, and absolutely perfect and spot on for aspiring writers. I liked the breakout groups, talking to other students. Initially, thought I was just wanting to work on a flyer I had written and forgotten about 7 years ago, and after ten weeks, it's a book that's ready to be published! Woo hoo!

~ Arlene Jullie

Writer, Business owner (language translations),
Master teacher


Looking at my writing from a spiritual perspective - life changing! I needed the reminders that facing my fear about writing and releasing it to the world was a "golden opportunity" for me to face my fears (through writing) and heal! I did not take the course to publish or write anything. I wondered if it was for me but I trusted my inner guidance. I learned right away that by confronting those fears I opened doors for creation to take place. I started to write more often and would ask the Holy Spirit to guide me (as you instructed)...what came up was miraculous - I had no idea I was holding down so much grief around my mother's passing. I was able to relax into the program when I read this and copied it down on my desk: "I have no pretense that I AM writing for any other purpose than clarifying my own thoughts." Now, because of the course I go to my writing and I just write - for my own healing and it has been transformational for me. It has brought me so much peace. I love the weekly lessons, the webinars and the exercises and even the assignments. My favorite one - the one that I keep close by is about writing down the experiences that have led to me now believing that God has a plan for my life. When I look at my answers that I did as a mind map I AM in awe. Thank you so much for that exercise (and all the other ones). I never had the thought that I was a "recording secretary, (lesson 4) - that Spirt sends the ideas. Now as I drift off to sleep I find myself asking the holy spirit - any ideas for me...sometimes they flood in and wake me up!

~ Colleen Doumeng

meditation teacher / grief coach


The inspirational parts, first. I feel strongly led to write, but realized I was trying to parse out in my brain what to write, and nothing felt right. Introducing the idea of allowing Spirit to lead me about what to write removed the huge log jam in my brain. Being reminded that I'm not writing for everyone out there, so I shouldn't feel compelled to write for a general audience was SO HELPFUL! The people who want or need to read what I have to say will find me. Also, I loved learning about the practicalities of publishing, especially your own past experiences which were really helpful.

~ Marie Tilden



The structure of the course was very helpful. The weekly lessons and helpful exercises allowed me to focus on that particular aspect of writing each week without getting overwhelmed. It made me see my blocks more clearly and allowed me to surge forth so I can accomplish the tremendous task of writing/completing my book!

~ May Nishiyama



Alan's inspiration that Spirit has called each of us in the course for a reason, and that is to write! His positive approach to ensure that folks not question their intent to write but to follow where the Universe has guided them, and to silence the voices of self-doubt.

~ Jeff Wagers



I love the lessons and exercises. They are great as a warmup or to get inspired before or anytime with writing. I also liked that there was definitely a unity with a lot of people going through the same thing. And it was great to get connected with Coach Debby.

~ Lisa Dominique-Walker



The conversation after we read the lesson was helpful because it covered the topic but there was so much more added with the examples and stories, etc.

~ Barbara Kummer

MEdical imaging credentialing manager


The program focused on who to BE rather than solely on what to do as a writer! In a world filled with how to do, turning back to who we need to BE is essential, and Alan delivered just that!

~ Max Bonnasserre



The weekly format with access to lesson notes before and after each class. The palpable energy of Spirit Affirmations to energize and inspire in-between sessions. The confidence building words from Alan each week.

~ Louise Dunn



I really enjoyed the opening mindful meditations, as well as the inspirational quotes throughout each lesson. I also really enjoyed connecting with peers in small groups through the breakout rooms.

~ Moira Mahr



I have felt strongly for a few years now that I am to co-write books with some Divine beings. Alan’s course gave me the confidence to believe I can hold up my end of this partnership.

~ Christine Crowley



I enjoyed meeting weekly and doing the assignments. I felt that the writing assignments and feedback helped to build confidence in my writing abilities.

~ John Misfud


Great combination of philosophical foundation and practical tips in writing. Alan's love for writing was the most inspiring part for me as a writer.

~ Hanae Ihara



The weekly webinars, stories and anecdotes, and invitation to interact. The program had a thought provoking flow. It was laid out simply and nothing felt rushed or stressed. The spiritual teachings came through every aspect...from the inside out, a no "right" way. I felt gently guided and taken to the core of my creative Self.

~ Tina Henle



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You will receive a great deal of information on steps to get your book published either by a publisher or as a self-published work. We cannot guarantee that a publisher will take you book, but you will have resources, and you will have all you need to know if you wish to self-publish.


Nervousness is quite normal. This course will bolster your confidence in a huge way.


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