Faithkeepers Wanted: Apply Within

I saw a video of journalist Bill Moyers interviewing Chief Oren Lyons of the Native American Onondaga Council. Lyons was appointed to the position of Faithkeeper in the tribe. His job is to hold the vision of well-being no matter what adverse conditions presents themselves. If there is war, famine, or threatening weather, he is the one person in the tribe who does not drop into fear or upset, even while others may. He is the rock upon which the tribe continues to thrive, and inspires the others to persevere and triumph.
The world, it seems, is in terrible condition. The pandemic lingers longer than we expected, people who once loved each other argue over vaccination, politics are polarized, and the economy is unstable. How does a sane and reasonable person respond to so many challenges?
You are now being called to assume the role of Faithkeeper. You cannot afford to spiral down the vortex of fear or dissension. You are appointed to provide light in the midst of darkness, trust in the face of anxiety, and remain established in peace while others get upset. Connected to Source energy, you are in the best position to uplift others and serve as a role model to guide  your peers toward resolution. Gandhi said, “the pure love of one person can offset the hatred of thousands.” That would be you.
When eagles fly at a low altitude, crows may come and peck at them. At such a moment,  the eagle, with a larger and stronger wingspan, ascends to an altitude the crows cannot reach. Fear, disease, and polarization function at a low, dense vibration. Joy, well-being, and healing function at a higher frequency. When you maintain your high vibration,  you cannot be touched by negation, and you invite others to meet you at a higher frequency and find well-being for themselves.
Likewise, when a  farmer has a coral of skittish horses, he places a mule in their midst. A mule is a much more stable, grounded animal. Its presence amid the high-strung horses calms and quiets them.
Jesus said, “In the world you shall have tribulation. But be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.” He was providing a model for all of us to do the same. The same Godness that empowered Jesus, and all great spiritual masters, to heal and relieve suffering, lives in you. You are now being called to step into the same shoes. You are cordially invited to join the Thrive Tribe.
Many of you have already assumed the role of Faithkeeper. You serve as a much-needed torch bearer. If so, this message is an affirmation that you are on your right path, so carry on. You are in good company. If you are wondering what your job is in trying times, it is to uplift by example. You are to heal by your presence more than your words. This is the perfect opportunity to put your spiritual training into practice.
On a day that now so rightfully honors indigenous peoples, let us count ourselves among the Faithkeepers. Even a little light goes a long, long way  



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