Soul and Destiny

Alan's New Book!

Does your life have a plan and a purpose? Is your destiny fixed, or can you choose how your journey turns out? Can you change a destiny already set in motion? Why do certain people and patterns show up in your world? Is there a you that runs deeper than your body and personality? Will a part of you go on after you leave the world? If you are trying to make sense of who you are, where you come from, and where you are going, you will find many profound and touching insights to discover your true self and achieve your highest destiny in Alan’s newest book, Soul and Destiny.


“Soul and Destiny is a clear, grounded, and hugely inspiring guide to finding our way to fulfilling our highest destiny and living our spirit’s true potential. Alan Cohen shares many down-to-earth practical examples of how to put spiritual principles into use in daily life. Anyone who is seeking comfort, confidence, and guidance will find immense riches in this wise and heartfelt guide to living a life of joy, reward, creativity, and connection.”

~ Sonia Choquette, N.Y. Times bestselling author of The Answer is Simple: Love Yourself…Live Your Spirit

Alan Cohen