Your Best Immunity to All Viruses

The coronavirus is getting a great deal of attention all around the world. Millions of people are taking extensive precautions to prevent getting or spreading the virus. Hand washing, mouth covering, and avoiding public gatherings are becoming commonplace. Some people are not going to their workplace and keeping their kids home from school. Defenses against the disease are bordering on mass hysteria.

Yet there is a virus that has infected far more people and is causing far more problems than corona: the virus of fear. When we drop into fear, we lower our resistance to disease and its effects. Fear and well-being operate at two entirely different frequencies, each with vastly  different results. You cannot be in fear and well-being at the same time. It’s one or the other.

I now offer what I believe is the best solution to ending the effects of coronavirus: quit being afraid. There are two elements that have made the disease rampant in some areas: (1) the physical nature of the virus, and (2) the fear that people lay over it, leading to  the negative effects that fear reaps.

A Course in Miracles tells us that healing is more a function of the mind than the body; that nothing outside of us can hurt us; that as spiritual beings we are whole and empowered independent of what the physical senses show us. When our mind is right, our body gets right. While many health agencies are educating people how to stop citizens from contracting the virus, few address belief, attitude, and intention as vital elements of immunity  and well-being. Numerous scientific studies demonstrate that practices like meditation, prayer, affirmation, and visualization significantly enhance our resistance to disease and keep us healthy.

When I visited Russia many years ago, our tour group was taken to a small village that has traditionally venerated Mother Mary. During the 1800’s when a plague was overtaking much of the country, no one in this village was affected. Whether you attribute this village’s safety to the intervention of a saint, or to their faith, the result is the same: they held the high watch, and reaped the rewards of their intention.

I am not suggesting you do not heed the health practices prescribed by doctors and agencies. They work and will make a difference as you believe in them. Take care in the ways you deem most appropriate. You will be healed according to your belief.

At the same time, be vigilant not to drop into fear. When the voice of fear speaks loudest, the voice of love must speak louder. “Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there.” A light that shines in the darkness makes a more powerful statement than a light that shines in the daylight. Reframe the corona virus as an opportunity to prove the spiritual truths you have studied; this is our moment to practice what we believe.  You deserve to be well, along with everyone. Illness is not the will of God. Healing is. When you are established in your spiritual identity, you develop spiritual and physical immunity that no disease can touch.


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