Who Walks with You?

This statement is true of any time because we always choose the type of vision with which we see the world. One of the scary visions that many people hold about the coming year is that we walk alone, misunderstood and unprotected. Forces of evil appear to dominate, and we wonder if there is any help for us. “How can I possibly do this myself?” “Where can I turn for support?” we anxiously ask.
I have two answers for you, which I believe you will find comforting. The first is from A Course in Miracles: “If you knew who walks beside you on the path that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.” You have unseen help in many forms. When necessary, that help shows up in the material world. Higher Power has not abandoned you. You are loved and supported at every turn.
     My second answer comes through a story one of my coaching clients told me:  Ann walks each morning around a lake near her house. To get to the lake, she has to climb down a small hill beside the road. One morning Ann came to the hill and found it icy after a recent snow. At that moment she saw a fellow approaching the hill from the lake level. The man courteously stood at the bottom of the hill to give Ann a chance to make her way down.|
     But Ann was afraid she might slip and fall on the man. “I don’t want to fall on you,” she called out.
      “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you,” he called back. Ann made her way down safely without falling or the fellow  catching her. She thanked hiim and both went on their way.
   The experience stuck in Ann’s mind and mine as a metaphor for grace. We are surrounded with love and protection. If we fall, a greater hand than our own will catch us. My mentor used to say, “Where could you fall but into the arms of God?”
A Course in Miracles offers us two more significant lessons: “Your grace is given me. I claim it now,” and “By grace I live. By grace I am released.” Even when challenged,  there are people and resources around you that can and will help you. While the universe gives you grace, you must give yourself grace by being open to support and reaching out to receive it.
      Consider all you have been through to get to this point in your life. All the joys and challenges, ups and downs, stuck moments and breakthroughs. You are still here, and you are thriving. You have been the recipient of grace thus far, loved in ways you cannot fathom. Your blessings will continue.
     The Course also tells us, “Trust would settle every problem now.” Ask yourself, “If I trusted more, how would I be approaching this situation differently?” Trust is a statement that you recognize grace is with you, which opens the door for you to recognize and receive more.
     The Intelligent Universe not only has space for your mistakes;it will use your mistakes for healing, awakening, and transformation. Do your part and let life do its part. It says always, “I will catch you.”


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