Which Train Are You On?

I heard a spiritual teacher liken our current world situation to two railroad trains leaving the station at the same time, in directions at a slight angle to each other. As the trains depart the station, they are close to one another, so if you wished to transfer from one train to the other, you could jump the short distance.

As the trains proceed on their different tracks, they move farther and farther apart. The distance between the trains increases until it would be impossible for you to jump from one to the other.

Our current political and Covid situations call each of us to choose which train we are on.  We are experiencing two radically different realities with no overlap. One mindset is represented by fear, judgment, hiding, and resistance. The other is based on trust, connection, mutual support, and recognition of a higher reality. Straddling or alternating is no longer an option.

Jesus brilliantly described our choice: “A person cannot serve two masters. He or she will love the one and hate the other, or hate the one and love the other.” In modern terms, you can tune your radio to only one station at a time. Then you have full access to all that station is broadcasting, and no access to the content of other stations.

The trains are really trains of thought. The tracks are love and fear; confidence and doubt; purpose and distraction. It’s tempting to drop into fear; we’ve all done it. Yet we can use the challenges before us as an opportunity to shine.

I read about an experiment the U.S. Navy conducted during a serious flu pandemic many years ago. The Navy recruited 50 young sailors to volunteer to be infected with influenza, by being injected with influenza germs, breathing them, and interfacing with flu patients. Then the doctors watched to study the sailors’ symptoms. To the experimenters’ great surprise, not one of the sailors contracted the flu. The explanation is more metaphysical than physical: the sailors had no fear or resistance to the disease, so it could not touch them. They were immune because they were functioning at a higher frequency than the disease.

I am not suggesting that you avoid prescribed procedures to protect yourself and others from Covid-19. Wash hands, wear mask, social distance all help. There are good reasons for these practices.  I am suggesting that you can significantly boost your immunity to this disease, or any, by establishing yourself in a mindset of well-being. The relationship between attitude and health is irrefutable; many scientific experiments corroborate the healing power of a positive mindset. One of my clients is a doctor who has directed an influenza clinic for ten years, during which he has interfaced with thousands of flu patients. He has not contracted the flu even once. Nothing in him matches the flu.

While the Covid pandemic is a big challenge, the fear pandemic is bigger. Even while researchers look for a medical vaccine, a spiritual vaccine will help hugely.  The world is our thoughts pushed out. As we diminish mass fear by lowering our personal fear, the pandemic will lose its power and its effects.

While many people are worried and struggling with the pandemic, there is a group of people who remain committed to well-being for themselves and others. They are “Keepers of the Flame.” If you are reading this, you are among this group. A subset of the population established in light can offset a vaster darkness. Gandhi said, “The pure love of one person can offset the hatred of thousands.” Likewise, the pure faith of one person can offset the fear of thousands.

Do not underestimate your role in healing the pandemic and economic situation. If and when a vaccine comes, it will be manifestation of the those who have held the intention for healing even before the physical object appears.

Both trains are hurtling forward. Tickets, please.



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