Which Product is for Me?

I just discovered your work and I would like to read one of your books as an introduction.

The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Wisdom of the Heart

Are You As Happy As Your Dog?

I would like some inspiration to keep my energy positive throughout my day.

A Deep Breath of Life

A Daily Dose of Sanity

I want to find or underscore confidence in myself to follow a unique path, or give a gift to someone I would like to encourage.

Finding Joe

Dare to be Yourself

How Good Can It Get?

Joy is My Compass

I want to expand my experience of prosperity and create positive results and manifestations.

Relax into Wealth

How Good Can It Get?

Enough Already

I want to meet a life partner, improve my relationship with my current partner, or upgrade my relationship in general.

Don’t Get Lucky, Get Smart

Rising in Love

Have You Hugged a Monster Today?

I’ve had a breakup or a divorce and I want to find peace with myself and my former partner

Happily Even After

I would like to understand more about prayer and meditation and deepen my connection with Higher Power.

Handle with Prayer

Journey to the Center of the Heart (CD)


Living in Light

I enjoy fiction and would like to read a good metaphysical novel.

Linden’s last life

How Good Can it Get?

My Father’s Voice

I know someone in their teens or early adulthood whom I would like to give some good inspirational tools in a language they are comfortable with.

Why Your Life Sucks and What You can Do About It

Are You as Happy as Your Dog?

Finding Joe

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