How Many Miracles Do You Get?

I explained to the woman that only the fear-based mind limits our good. We are allowed an infinite number of miracles—but we must be open to receive them.

The idea of limited good shows up in many common expressions. When something great happens, we say, “It’s too good to be true.” Or “I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop.” We believe that we must pay for our good by suffering. But genuine good is not too good to be true. It is good enough to be true. There is no other shoe. You will not be punished for being happy. You will only get happier.

Inspirational author Mike Dooley says, “If something wonderful happens, chances are astronomically high that it will happen again.” By virtue of the Law of Attraction, any experience you have increases the likelihood that it will repeat, or that something even better will happen. Abraham-Hicks says, “The better it gets, the better it gets.”

We must face, confront, and grow beyond the archaic belief that we are allotted just so much good, and when we use it up, we are bereft. The universe is showering blessings to us constantly, and we receive as much as we let in. The mind is the gateway to all blessings.

The key to receiving a generous supply is to give it. I am not speaking here only about material good; there are many ways to be generous beyond money. When I used to receive requests for testimonials for other writers’ books, I would usually temper my statement. Then I requested a testimonial from Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series. Neale gave me a staggeringly supportive testimonial that floored me with his generous compliments. I realized that Neale lost nothing by saying kind things about me, and both he and I gained. From that point on when I wrote testimonials for others I did not limit my supply of support. As a result, I experience living in a universe of support.

A Japanese mother told me, “I don’t compliment my daughter because I don’t want her to get lazy.” I told the woman that when you validate your children (or anyone) for their gifts, their gifts expand. I told her about Paul “Bear” Bryant, one of the winningest college football coaches in history. One of Bryant’s success keys was that he never showed his teams films of their bad plays. He showed them only films of their great plays. As a result, their great plays became embedded in their subconscious, and they went on to repeat and go beyond them.

The question, “Is there a limited amount of good available to me?” is the meditation of a lifetime. If you feel lacking in any way, ask yourself if God has withheld from you, or if you have withheld from yourself. The latter is always the case. The good news is that if you have withheld from yourself, you have the power to give to yourself. To learn to be kind to ourselves is one of the greatest lessons of our spiritual journey.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “Miracles are natural” and “You are entitled to miracles.” Because God has granted you one miracle does not mean you cannot have more. To the contrary, it means there are more in store. Our source of good is infinite. Let life love you, and the universe will lay its gifts at your door.


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