The Master Keys of Healing

Guided by Alan Cohen

Eight  90-minute
Live Interactive Webinars

Wednesdays, Sep 9, 16, 30,
Oct 7, 28, Nov 4, 11, 18
5 PM Pacific Time

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and/or watch recording


The principles that guide healing are universal and they work. Once you know them, you can apply the skills to maximize your power to be healed and serve as an instrument to heal others. This spiritually-based course for those seeking healing, wishing to maintain it, or offer it to clients or loves ones, will go deep into where healing comes from and why you deserve it. Alan will offer many practical examples of healing success stories, including people who were told they were unhealable. This unique, heart-centered, high-minded program, will give you inspiration and skills to locate the source of wellness within you and bring it forth. Plenty of time for Q & A and some personal coaching within the webinar. 

Topics include:

Stepping into a Healing Reality
Using Spiritual and Attitudinal Skills to Build Physical Immunity
Maintaining your Inner peace and Clarity in the Midst of Others who are Afraid
Why your Well-being is your Greatest Gift to the World
Breaking Free of Old Limits
From Normal to Natural
Your Right to be Healed
Life beyond Labels
Permission to be Healed
Don’t Ration Your Passion
How Much Does Healing Cost?
Why Some People Don’t Get Healed
Defeating the Armies of Fear
Too Blessed to be Stressed
Mobilizing Prayer Power
Visionary Healing
The Healed Healer and the Wounded Healer
Soul Doctors
Death and Healing
The Choice for Completion

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All participants will receive a free pdf copy of Alan’s new book The Master Keys of Healing,
which will serve as the foundation material for the series.
Release date: September 1, 2020


Webinar Series Tuition:  $199


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This program is for information and inspiration only. It is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment, and should not be construed as medical advice. If you have a physical or psychological issue that needs attention, you should see a qualified physician, psychotherapist, or other professional. You are fully responsible for any medical or therapeutic choices you make. The presenter and sponsor assume no responsibility for any medical or psychological choices you make, or their results. Our intention is to support your well-being through the treatment path you choose for yourself in consultation with a qualified healer or counselor.

Alan Cohen