The Leading Edge of Prosperity Online Course

The Leading Edge of Prosperity

Self Study Online Course
Guided by Alan Cohen

Eight 90-Minute
Pre-Recorded Webinars


At times in our lives the state of the economy and/or finances have affected (or will affect) all of us. Those with a prosperity mindset will be on the leading edge of restoring healthy personal and global economies, and moving from an attitude of protection to one of productivity. This course, based on universal spiritual principles, will give you the foundation, motivation, and tools to recognize, claim, and move wealth in a way that serves you and the entire economy. We will expand application of prosperity principles to include health, relationship, career, and all creative expressions.


Themes and benefits:

  • Shift from a lack or fear mentality to one of abundance and support
  • Identify limiting belief and replace them with more expansive, successful beliefs
  • Recognize the relationship between attitude and manifestation
  • Learn how to focus your attention on desired results rather than undesired results
  • Grow beyond depending on one avenue of abundance, and open to the source of all abundance
  • Discover how your happiness and success do not take away from the happiness and success of others, but adds to their good
  • Move beyond a struggle and sacrifice attitude, and allow success to come to you with greater ease
  • Gain the confidence to invest in yourself, materially and spiritually
  • Trust passion and excitement as magnets of prosperity
  • Solidify your understanding that the more you help your customers, the more you help yourself


Course includes:

  • Eight 90-minute video lessons
  • Creative Homeplay Exercises with each lesson to help you recognize, claim, and move wealth in all areas of your life.

 What students are saying:

  • This course opened my mind to new possibilities. I am now excited about starting my business!
    ~A.J. Real Estate Agent

  • I am not only increasing my income, but I am increasing my confidence.
    ~B.D., Massage therapist

  • I stopped fighting with my wife about money. I now trust the universe more to provide for me and my family.
    ~J.L., Software developer              



*This program is intended for inspiration and education about universal principles related to prosperity. It is not intended as advice to make any particular financial decisions or other choices related to your prosperity path. You are urged to make your own decisions either via your own intuition or consulting with a qualified financial advisor. The instructor and producer assume no responsibility for any decisions you make regarding financial investments or other choices related to the subject matter of this course. You are responsible for any choices you make, financial ad otherwise, related to the principles presented in this program, and their results.

Alan Cohen