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Soul Contracts Webinar India




Tuesday, December 8, 2020

7:30 Mumbai Time

90-Minute Live Webinar

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Significant people, relationships, and events show up in our life as a result of deep agreements we make at a soul level. When you understand why and how you created soul contracts, you can make them work on your behalf, maximizing the beneficial ones, and graduating from the difficult ones. Alan Cohen will go into significant detail about the dynamics behind soul contracts, and help you make sense of situations that once seemed a mystery. Q & A and lots of insights.

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Tuition — U.S. $25
December 1 or after — $35
December 4 or after — $40
Tuition refundable until December 1
Last day to register December 4  7:30 PM Mumbai time
Registrations received after that time will not be eligible for the live webinar,
but will be eligible for the recording 



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