Welcome to the Life Coach Training Program!

We are excited about the adventure we are about to share, which will be an enormous asset to your personal and professional advancement, as well as the clients you touch.

This platform will serve as the nexus for almost all of our communications. We encourage you to take time to read thoroughly, and study the content. 

All of your lessons will appear here, as well as lots of important information,
including our schedule, orientation for the retreat, practice coaching, and your certificate requirements. Please check back often as we make information available, it will become visible to users.

This application is easy to navigate and it puts all the information you need at your fingertips.  We ask you to please first search this platform before emailing us with any questions.  

We will be using another application for some of the more specific interactive elements of scheduling your personal coaching appointment with Alan, and submitting your practice coaching reports. You will receive more information about how to access that application as the time grows near. 

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, and questions regarding the course format and process.

Thank you for joining this important journey.  We trust that it will be powerful, soul-nourishing, healing, and extremely practical in your life and the lives of those you touch.