Into the Light

Into the Light with Alan Cohen


Video Recordings of Four Evenings
of Illumination, Inspiration, and Soul Awakening


Alan Cohen
Marie Manuchehri
Mike Dooley
Shya and Ariel Kane
Debra Engle

As we navigate an odd and confusing world, it is more important than ever to stay connected to our deep inner knowing and awareness of the presence of Spirit in and around us. In this unprecedented series, I joined with five of my most esteemed peers, master teachers of awakening and healing, to support you to remember your true spiritual identity and be a light to the world. Sessions include lecture by each presenter, my conversation and comments with them, q & a, brief coaching with individuals, and guided visualization. Join with a supportive, high-minded, positive community to affirm yourself and the path your heart guides you to choose.



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Alan Cohen