Friends in High Places Recommended Resources

Webinar Series and Book

Dear Participant,

Below you will find links to obtain books, videos, and other materials related to the master teachers we will explore and  learn from. If you obtain and study these materials in advance of the webinars, you will be in the best  position to understand the webinar content, ask questions, and make comments.

The date next to each teacher refers to the webinar at which we will focus on the teacher and their teachings.

Within the next week you will receive an e-copy of the book Friends in High Places, that describes these teachers and principles  in detail.

As you put these ideas and lessons into practice, your life will upgrade immensely!

Webinar 1 — September 29: CARLA GORDAN and THE GUIDES

Audios especially recommended:  1. Abundance 2.Integrity 3. Why We Are Here

Webinar 2 – October 6: HILDA CHARLTON and the ASCENDED MASTERS –

Especially recommended: Book: Saints Alive  Audios: 1. Align Yourself and Be Firm 2. Utilize Every Moment in Complete Faith  3. Find the Space within that Never Changes


Webinar 3 – October 20:  HELEN SCHUCMAN and A COURSE IN MIRACLES

Especially recommended books: 1. A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume  2. A Course in Miracles Made Easy  3. Journey without Distance.  YouTube:


Webinar 4 – October 27: PAT RODEGAST and EMMANUEL

Books: Emmanuel’s Books

Any or all of Books I, II, III, IV

Choose from many YouTubes:


Webinar 5 – November 3: ABRAHAM

Any of the many recordings of Abraham-Hicks seminars

Also many YouTube videos on many channels

Book: Ask and It is Given and other follow-ups



Webinar 6 – November 10: BASHAR

Many YouTubes. Search Bashar Channeling

(Be sure you are watching Darryl channel Bashar rather than various imitations)

The teachers below are not included in the book Friends in High Places, but they are extremely important metaphysical masters who deserve our study and attention.


Webinar 7 – November 17: REV. IKE  and  FLORENCE SCOVEL SHINN 







Webinar 8 – December 1: JOSEPH MURPHY also NEVILLE GODDARD 


Recommended YouTube Channel: Timeless Knowledge



Recommended YouTube Channel: Nevillution

(Look for audios in Neville’s original voice rather than others reading)



Bonus suggestions (not covered directly during program, but helpful):

Books: Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding

(This series comes in a 6-volume set. You can purchase individually or as a set. Volumes 1 and 6 especially recommended)

Alan Cohen