Frequently Asked Questions

Will you write an endorsement or introduction for my book, DVD, CD, or other product?

Alan receives many requests for endorsements for products, many of which are excellent and quite worthy of recommendation. Since Alan is engaged in many projects including his own writing, teaching, traveling, family, and personal time, it is not feasible for him to give the books and products the attention they require and deserve for an endorsement. So at this time Alan is not offering endorsements. Thank you for your understanding.


Will you present a lecture, keynote, or seminar for my organization?

Please contact the office and let us know as much as you can about the kind of program you would like to sponsor, and we can discuss possibilities.


Would you offer me some advice on a personal question, or can I arrange a coaching session with you?

You can join the Coaching Room where Alan offers live coaching Thursdays at 11:00 AM Pacific/California time.


Can you help me get my book published by Hay House or another publisher?

At this time Hay House accepts manuscripts only through literary agents. We are not connected with a literary agent that we can recommend. Hay House now has a division called Balboa Press that offers an array of support and services for self-publishing for your consideration.


Can I reprint a quote of yours in my newsletter, book, website, or other printed material?

Sure, Alan would be honored. You have his permission to reprint any short quotes. We simply ask that you note him as the author. If you use more than 50 words, we would appreciate you listing the website For passages over 150 words, please check with us or the publisher of the book you wish to quote from.


Will you participate in my affiliate program or trade web links?

We do not participate in affiliate programs or trade web links at this time.



Alan Cohen