Professional Seminar Leader Training and Certificate Program

April 15 - June 30, 2020


Who This Program Can Help:

Any person who sincerely wishes to establish or enhance a full- or part-time career or personal path leading seminars, speaking to groups, teaching holistic principles, or any form of service to educate, heal, inspire, and uplift others. Prior experience is not necessary, although if you have prior experience we will build on it. 


How This Program Can Help You:

  • Identify the skills or tools you would like to offer
  • Identify and reach your ideal audience
  • Replace fears, self-doubt, hesitation, and procrastination with confidence, vision, enthusiasm, and effective action steps forward
  • Live true to your passion and be excited about what you wake up each day to do
  • Capture your audience’s attention and keep it
  • Distinguish yourself from other presenters offering like materia
  • Grow beyond a competition mentality and recognize that you have a corner on the market of you
  • Open to be paid well and live abundantly for sharing your talents and serving others 
  • Gain confidence to speak before groups, in person or online
  • Learn the logistical steps to produce your own programs
  • Master interviewing and media skills to promote your service or product
  • Deal effectively with challenging audience members
  • Use media and technology tools, including blogs, books, social media, and YouTube to reach the widest audience 
  • Navigate working with corporate or large organization sponsors
  • Set your pricing in a way that works for you as well as your audience
  • Delegate jobs so you can stay true to your intention, purpose, and talents
  • Avoid the pitfalls that some presenters and organizations fall into
  • Create a healthy work/life balance
  • Stay true to your spiritual values and integrity as you develop your passionate career




Why I Can Help You:

I have presented and produced thousands of successful and profitable seminars and lectures since 1972 •  Authored 30 popular books on holistic living, including bestsellers and an award winner •  Presented at most major holistic conferences, including Omega Institute, Hay House I Can Do it, Celebrate Your Life, Whole Life Expo, and many more •  Interviews and work featured on CNN, CNBC, many Good Morning shows, USA Today, Washington Post, Huffington Post, and more • Founder, Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching • 10 years hosting popular radio shows on Hay House Radio and Unity Online Radio  •  Significant international audience, with concentration on Japan, India, Mexico, and Greece • Heartfelt endorsements by Ram Dass, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Neale Donald Walsh, James Redfield,  and many more

Above and beyond all of the above experience, I am passionate about supporting people who wish to share their spiritually-founded gifts and talents, and in turn be supported to earn a rewarding living for the service they provide, enjoying deep soul satisfaction in the process.


What You Will be Doing in this Program:

  • A comprehensive 24-lesson online course to develop your presentation and production skills
  • 10 Interactive 75-minute webinars facilitated by Alan
  • A one-hour private consultation/coaching session with Alan
  • Build your syllabus and business plan to establish or expand your presentation path
  • Create a demonstration presentation through which you will gain confidence and (if you are in the certificate program) receive feedback from Alan and fellow students 
  • Participate in an optional 4-day intensive training & retreat in Hawaii
  • Join a community of like mind that will empower your vision to be come a reality
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from the Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching/Alan Cohen, Director (if you participate in the certificate program)


Levels of Participation:

Gold Certificate:  Take the online course • Participate in the webinars • Receive personal coaching with Alan • Participate in the training retreat • Receive feedback on your presentation from fellow students • Give feedback to other students

Silver Certificate: All of the above, without the training retreat

Gold & Silver Certificate Programs:  

(1) Do a public presentation, video record it, and submit for supportive feedback.

(2) Watch at least (5) 30-minute video segments of other students and offer written feedback. You will in turn receive written supportive feedback from at least five other students, plus Alan, on your presentation. 

Bronze (No Certificate):  Take the online course • Participate in the webinars • receive personal coaching from Alan


See details on the different programs



Webinars will take place Wednesdays, April 15 – June 24 (except June 10), 5 PM Pacific Time (Click here to find corresponding time in your zone)  We will meet on Zoom


In-person retreat will be June 8-12 at the Hawaii Island Retreat



Tuition and Policies:

Gold Certificate:  $2195 includes all aspects of program including retreat. Does not include travel, lodging, and meal costs for retreat. See approximate lodging and meal costs.

Silver Certificate:  $1495 includes all aspects of program/no retreat

Bronze Level: $995 includes the three aspects of program listed above as Bronze level

Visa, Mastercard accepted. Deduct 3% if paying by check. Request info on how to pay by check

$300 non-refundable deposit holds your place for all programs. Final payment due March 21.

If you are registering for the Gold Certificate Program, a $700 non-refundable retreat deposit is due in addition to regular $300 deposit at time of registration. This is will hold your place for the retreat. The retreat will be held for a minimum number of students. If that minimum is not met, your retreat portion of tuition will be refunded. and you will be in Silver Certificate Program.  Retreat will be confirmed by March 21 or sooner, as the minimum number of students is met. If you withdraw, all deposits are non-refundable. 

Upon registration you will receive access to a website containing all the information you will need to participate.

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Contact information:

Questions about registration and program:

Questions specifically about retreat:   (808) 785-8900

We reserve the right to not accept registrations from any applicant who is not a match for the program. 


Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation!



Autumn808 785 8900

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