Mystical Connections

October 27-28, 2018Maui, Hawaii

There are so many messages around you—do this, go there, be that. But what do you want?What is your heart calling out for?

This October in Maui, Hawaii, you’ll have the chance to find out while you immerse yourself in blissful, healing island vibes and learn to hear your deepest inner nudges so that you’re always mystically connected to your own inner True North.You’ll also get the chance to meet your mystical support team of angels and beyond, connect with your higher self, and be comforted by a deep-dive into what feeling love and loved really means.Plus, the entire time, you’ll be guided by some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers—Colette Baron-Reid, Denise Linn, Kyle Gray, Alan Cohen and Radleigh Valentine.Take a step beyond the unnecessary shackles of everyday life into the wonderful expanse of possibility this fall.At Mystical Connections, you’ll learn:

  • How to connect with your angels, guides and Spirit.
  • Meditations and exercises to heal and open your heart.
  • Instant shifts to create more healing in your relationships and lives.
  • Proven methods to find empowerment with celebrated Hay House authors!

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