Get Out of Debt Now – Live Webinar

June 25, 20195:00 pm Pacific TimeOnline

Many people struggle with a sense of burdensome debt. While you may have tried various financial manipulations to undo debt, the root causes of debt and the heavy feelings associated with it run far deeper. In this holistically-founded program, Alan will:

  • Explain the emotional, mental, and spiritual sources of a debt mentality the creates and sustains financial debt
  • Offer 5 ways to begin to undo a debt consciousness and its effects
  • Affirm, support and validate your right and power to rise above debt and become spiritually and financially solvent
  • Answer questions and make suggestions for particular situations
  • Offer a guided visualization to expand your sense of abundance and ability to receive prosperity in many areas of your life

Live webinar via Zoom
Connect via video on PC or mobile device or audio via Telephone
75 Minutes
Recording will be available for registrants
Connection instructions will be emailed to you upon registration.
Tuition:  $25


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