A Course In Miracles Retreat: The Easy Path

December 1-6, 2019

A Spirited Immersion Retreat 

Guided by Alan Cohen
Music by Karen Drucker

Island of Hawaii


While many people recognize the rare healing power of A Course in Miracles, many people have difficulty understanding or staying with it. They wish they could have a deeper experience of the stunning truth in the Course, but don’t know how to get it.

This rare program in a paradise setting will simplify the Course for you and give you tools to make it real in your life. We will apply the teaching to your relationships, health, career, prosperity, and spiritual path. Through a series of gentle exercises, you will open more to receive the gifts that Course offers you. It can be quite easy when you let it!

Join with Alan, author of the bestselling A Course in Miracles Made Easy, gifted popular musician Karen Drucker, and a group of like-minded peers on a path similar to yours, and give yourself a week to retreat, relax, regroup, renew, and regenerate your spirit. You deserve all the healing and well-being A Course in Miracles promises. Here is a wonderful opportunity to accept it!

We will develop your mastery in these areas:

  • Reclaim your identity as a divine being
  • Distinguish between the voices of love and fear
  • Access and trust guidance from your higher self
  • Come to peace with your body
  • Transform special relationships to holy relationships. 
  • Recognize health, prosperity, and success as your birthright
  • Utilize the 3 books of ACIM to your highest advantage
  • Relax and trust the process of your life
  • Any other areas of your life that you would like to heal and upgrade


The Retreat Site:

We will meet at the magnificent Hawaii Island Retreat in the northern shore of the Big Island of Hawaii, amidst 50+ acres of lush greenery, organic gardens, and stirring ocean vistas. The center offers amenities of an infinity pool, spa, yoga room, and optional massage and healing treatments. Fresh, largely organic meals will be served. This site is idea for the purpose of stepping back from the busyness of daily life, reflecting, and renewing your soul. 

Tuition and policies:

Tuition: $1295

Tuition includes all programs. Travel, lodging, and meals are additional. One private or shared yurt remains. Shared yurt rate of approximately $85 including tax per person, per night. Private rate is approximately $170 per night including tax.
For more information on yurts click here.

We also have a shared female Bungalow available. Rate is approximately $150 per night including tax.  Please inquire if interested in sharing an accommodation @ info@alancohen.com

Otherwise, off-site accommodations are now permissible.  The retreat center charges an additional day-use fee of $35 plus tax, per person, per day.  The first and last day are lumped together as 1 day, so total number of days is 5.  Participants are also required to participate in the group meal plan.  Please stay no further out than a 15 minute drive.

Three delicious, locally sourced, nutritious and conscious meals per day run $73.13 including tax and gratuity per person per day. Special dietary requests are accommodated.

Deposit and refund policy:

$1295 tuition

All payments are non-refundable.

Visa/Mastercard accepted.
3% discount on total tuition if paid by check (does not apply to discounted rates)
Inquire info@alancohen.com for details.

You will receive a complete orientation packet upon registration.

We reserve the right to refuse registration to any participant if we believe there will not be a mutual benefit to the person and the program. 

Contact our office at info@alancohen.com if you have any questions.

See you in Hawaii in December!


Autumn(808) 785-8900info@alancohen.com