Certificate Program Information

A Note from Alan:

My highest vision for this training is the Gold Certificate Program, as it includes an in-person retreat that will run deep and bolster your skills and confidence far more than the other program levels. If you have attended any of my programs containing retreats, you know what a crucial element the retreat is. Experiential practice of the skills,  augmented by a sense of camaraderie, bonding, mutual support, and excitement makes the training deeply rewarding.  The element of being in Hawaii makes the experience even more memorable. If you can spend some more time in the islands, you can combine the training with a fabulous vacation.

We realize that some people may not be in a position to attend the retreat, for scheduling or budget reasons. We do not want anyone to miss the benefits of the program because they will not attend the retreat, so we have created the Silver and Bronze levels to accommodate all students.

Since we must guarantee the retreat center a minimum number of participants, we will confirm the retreat as soon as we reach the minimum. At that time we will provide you with travel information. 


Certificate Elements

In the Gold or Silver program, you will be asked to create and do a public presentation on a subject similar to the one you envision presenting as a possible career path, and video record it (minimum 30 minutes). This can be a physical presentation at a public place such as a holistic health center, church, library, or home, for example, or an online presentation on a platform such as Zoom, Facebook Live, or YouTube.

We will post your presentation for viewing by the students in our program, and five of them will give you written constructive feedback on it. 

In turn, you will be asked to give five other students written constructive feedback on their presentations. 

You may also ask students of your presentation for their feedback. 

You will also be asked to submit some samples of promotion for your program, and receive feedback on it.

The feedback you receive will empower you to create the best presentations possible, and go on to master your craft. 

Your program recording must be submitted by June 1. All feedback will be posted by June 30. 


Some elements of the program may be revised while the program is in progress.


Alan Cohen