2022 India Advanced Life Coach Training

Moving to the next level of wisdom, strength, love, and service


Dates: June 18, 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23

Time: IST 8 AM

Duration: 75 Minutes


Lesson 1: Closing the Gap

Sophisticated metaphysical principles and tools to enable client and coach to claim results in here and now experience, and then stimulate material results

Lesson 2: Creating Affirmations that Work

Why affirmations are so effective; how to avoid affirmation errors; the seven elements to create an affirmation; how to use denials; the relationship between prayer and affirmation

Lesson 3: Keep Your Eye on the Client

Why and how clients attempt to shift the focus of the coaching session to an outside person or organization; how to keep the client on track with the true purpose of the coaching session: their own personal growth, healing, and awakening.

 Lesson 4: Rising Beyond Judgments

Both clients and coaches bring judgments to the coaching session; how to recognize judgments, address them, and rise above them do the coaching sessions remains judgment-free or judgments do not hamper the effectiveness of the session.

Lesson 5: Dealing with Projections

The result of the coaching session is the product of the story the client brings to it; likewise the client’s projections onto the coach make a huge difference in the session; understanding the dynamics behind projection so it does not interfere with success, and can even enhance it. 

Lesson 6: The Visionary Coach

Why and how the coach’s vision of the client creates the coaching result; how to become a visionary coach, teacher, parent, healer, or leader, and generate results that match your vision. 


Webinars include lecture, q & a, coaching, practice coaching, and guided visualization.

Online content includes themes, practical examples, exercises, and affirmations. 


Tuition: US$ 450

Payment due date: 10 June 

Payable by: Visa, Mastercard

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Alan Cohen