Media Endorsements

Whats Radio and Television Show Hosts Say About Alan

“Alan’s insight, heart, humor and his understanding of the human condition gives a fresh perspective to my listeners. He is an invaluable part of my listeners lives and my show.”
                                                                         – Dave Wingert, The Dave til Dawn Show

“What an honor and privilege to sit with Alan Cohen and experience his joy-filled presence. He brings a gifted energy of acceptance, love and light-heartedness. He makes the way of blissful living, easy and fun.”
                                                                       – Carolyn Craft, Director of WISDOM Radio

“In a world where others fear to go, Alan Cohen dares us to love when most consider it impossible. Vibrant, wise, fresh and ‘user-friendly,’ Alan is a leader on the leading edge of a New World.”
                                                                        – Christopher Naughton, New World Radio

“Alan is an interviewer’s dream! Always ready with an interesting story or metaphor, Alan makes a talk show host look good. He is smooth as silk and a master in the personal and spiritual growth areas.”
                                                                      – Dr. Mark Pitstick, Liberty Works Radio Network

“What impresses me most about Alan Cohen is his wisdom and gentle spirit! He’s remarkable, unpretentious, kind and loving. Alan is an anchor for the good of all upon this planet. Fun, witty, and caring.”
                                                                    – Michelene K. Bell, In Light Times

“Alan Cohen’s story really moved me. I absolutely recommend him as a guest.”
                                                                    – Joel Roberts, prime time host, KABC, Los Angeles

“A great pleasure to work with, Alan is informative and provides my audience with key tips and advice that we can all use in our lives.”
                                                                    – Dr. Ann West, Warriors in Flight