Wisdom of the Heart Testimonials

Wisdom of the Heart has helped me open my heart so wide and I am so grateful. I cannot describe how good my heart feels reading these stories….. and I am just on page 56!!!! I can only imagine the beautiful transformation awaiting me as I proceed further!!”

“Most books take hundreds of pages to get to the points Cohen makes through this book. It’s written so simply and directly that you can easily turn to any page, read for a minute, and walk away inspired. Or, do as Cohen suggests and meditate on each of the 52 short chapters for a week. There is a lot of reiteration of similar works, but it’s rare to find these topics handled so succinctly. If you had to pick just one book of this sort to keep around, and actually find practical use for, this would probably be it.”

“I decided to read all of Alan’s books and thought I should start with Wisdom of the Heart. Alan Cohen’s message accesses a deep place of peace and can calm a troubled heart. His insight and wisdom will resonate with your core beliefs, no matter what religion you espouse. Through aphorisms, lessons, poems, quotations, humorous stories and parables, Alan provides a calm environment in which you can reconnect with your heart. I enjoyed this book so much, I seriously could not stop reading and the pages kept turning.”

“Many of the stories have humorous endings. This book will also heal with laughter.”

“Alan Cohen has a unique style of writing. He is able to condense profound thoughts in a minimum of sentences. He speaks directly to your heart. I found his lyrical style comforting and healing. Wisdom of the Heart will lead you to a place where your heart will open and your mind will submit to a new place of calm.”

“I have read many of Alan Cohen’s books, and he is one of my favorite authors. This book arrived on a day I was feeling down, and after reading it, I felt touched and inspired. It has now become my favorite of his books – it imparts a great deal of wisdom in few words. I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

“I love this book! I usually randomly open and read a section for the day. The writing is concise yet heart-felt. Better yet, each section is only about two to three pages long. They range from trusting ourselves to recognizing our soul’s purpose to celebrating abundance in our lives. It is a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one!”

“Alan Cohen has another hit book in this title. I came to each of his book separately, at first intrigued by the titles. But I found the content to be so great that I am quickly gathering his whole library! This book offers tips on how to stay focused each and every day.”

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