Why Your Life Sucks Testimonials

“This book is amazing and on target!! It is filled with wonderful insights about why you are not happy with life without making you feel bad about yourself—just work on your thinking because there’s NOTHING wrong with you. Your behaviors, your words, your confidence can all change if you just change your MIND. Trust me, you’ll love it. And when you finish reading it…read it again! A chapter a day keeps the therapist away.”

“This book is incredible. it should be called “the meaning of life” because it covers every psychological problem a person can relate then teaches them to love themselves and it’s not vague either! Now I know money isn’t the answer to making people happy, but it’s actually learning to love yourself and be proud of who you are. I am so happy now and my potential is nearly limitless at work and life due to being optimistic and happy.”

“Although I have read a lot of self-help and psychology books, this book is the one I always come back to read again and again. It is very fun to read. I like Alan’s humor and the way he tells stories is very powerful. Everything is simple and I think it is the key that makes this book a great one to come back to again and again.”

“This book is a keeper! I checked it out from the library a few times because it’s filled with soooooo much useful and insightful information. It’s time to purchase it! I highly recommend it!”

“Alan Cohen maintains that there are many aspects of life that can literally “suck” the vitality right out of us–leaving us feeling drained, tired, anxious, depressed, angry, cheated and empty. It took me awhile to get through this book just because there are so many wise nuggets to absorb. I had my highlighter out, and soon realized this is a book that is not to be consumed quickly. Cohen writes in a friendly, conversational style–as if he’s sitting in the living room with you. He uses personal stories, examples of well-known people, and quotes from others. (And he’s also hilarious!) What makes it a book to read slowly is that it contains such practical wisdom and advice for every area of life.”

“Many self-help offer little advice on how to navigate out of the murky waters of discontent; they just tell you what you already know–being big on what, but not how. This book, however, gives practical advice and real-life stories to help you plug up that leaky bucket that’s been draining you of your life, your passion, and your energy.”

“I didn’t think any single product could change your life until I read this book!

“I’m 43 and my life more than sucked for the first 35 years of my life (no self-esteem, all kinds of addictions, constant fear, anxiety etc.) but nowadays it’s quite the opposite. I’m starting to be a happy person I can honestly say that everything in this book resonates within me as true to the core, and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone with an honest desire to grow as a human being.”

“I found this book to be a very valuable read and consider it one of the best books I’ve read in the personal/spiritual growth category over the past 10 years. As with most of his other work, Cohen combines meaningful content with just a touch of humor to make the book even more entertaining.”

“It can’t be said enough! This book is AMAZING! Alan Cohen is inspiring, thoughtful, brilliant, to put if briefly. You feel as if you are sitting across a table, drinking a cup of espresso, while being endowed with unspeakably valuable information that literally transforms the dark to light! Never in my life, have I felt so empowered, so confident, and so blissfully happy with life! I encourage EVERYONE, man and woman alike, to read this book! You absolutely won’t regret it!”

“Its title was so matter of fact, that I couldn’t resist picking it up. Within six pages, I couldn’t put it down. It is a book that I have read countless times since I bought it, glossing over the pages I now practically know by heart, just to keep the book’s wisdom alive in my mind. Since then, I’ve bought the book for several people; because this book truly is a gift. In simple terms that anyone can understand and relate to, Mr. Cohen gives very blunt and sometimes startling advice on how to handle the ups and downs of life. He has the rare ability to word his sentences in such a way that you will never forget them.”

“I am simply writing this email to thank you. I am a professor of Sociology and Why Your Life Sucks is changing my life!  I read to my 90 sociology students last night from the book, and they were awestruck. I would say that in fact, your book did not only change my life; it saved my life.  Thank you very much.”

“I wanted to thank you for your awesome work!  I just finished Why Your Life Sucks and I absolutely LOVED that book!!!! So I thank you for the amazing wisdom and they way you shared it with us!”

“Your Book, Why Your Life Sucks rocks! Having been in that world for so many years and now on a new expanded journey, I’ve read and heard so many talented (some not so much!) and you have such a gift! Just felt compelled to tell you once again that life changes when some little nerve gets awakened! Love that!”

“Reading this book will probably leave you nodding your head in agreement with what the author says, wondering why you didn’t think of things in the same way yourself. I have read more than my fair share of books like this, and no book even comes close to it. The reason I consider it the best book for straightening out one’s life is simple: IT WORKS. There are no fancy words or gimmicks here, just the outright truth about what we fail to see ourselves, and how shocking it is that we miss it.”

“Most of the time I’ll peruse a book in the store once and that will be the end of it. With “Why your life sucks” I found myself revisiting it…in different bookstores until finally I lamented to buy it! Yes, it’s that good. So if your life sucks and you don’t necessarily know why forget all the rest and pick up Cohen’s gem here. That’s not a paid endorsement, that’s the real deal for a really good book.”

“I was hooked from the moment I started this book and truly enjoyed each and every page. It is loaded with practical solutions, humor and solid advise on making changes in your life in the areas you don’t like. I highly recommend this book to everyone.”

“I cannot overstate the importance of this book in my life. I have always struggled with the need to “fix” people and make everyone happy. But as I read this book, I was given the “gift” of letting go of that. I have read basically that in a lot of wonderful books, but something about Alan Cohen’s writing & delivery really resonated with me. There is much more to this book than this one message, so I would HIGHLY recommend it. It is a quick read as well!”

“I have read Alan’s book, Why Your Life Sucks more than 50 times for 4 years. Each time I read the book, I always learn new things from the book. The book is my bible. Thanks for the book, I have believed and trusted myself, my intuition, my soul. The book have been encouraged me to do what I really want to do.”

“I recently bought your book, Why Your Life Sucks… and have found it to be extremely helpful.  The concepts in your book I have found I can easily integrate into my own belief system, and my relationship with my higher being is enriched. Thank-you for writing such a life/mind/spirit changing and helpful book!”

“Thank you for your book Why Your Life Sucks. I’m only on the 2nd chapter and it has helped me already.”

“I’ve been reading Why Your Life Sucks and it has helped me so much that words can’t even describe it and I haven’t even finished the book yet.  It really opened my eyes to some things that I should have already been able to see.  I haven’t felt this good about myself, and life in general, in a very long time. I just wanted to thank you for helping me see all the positive things about life.”

“I rarely write letter to author expressing my feeling about book I read.  You’re the first one!!  My feedback to your book Why Your Life Sucks can be expressed in six words, love it love it love it!!  I can’t express how much I appreciate how your book changed my views on my life.  Your style of right to the point on shrewd observations has enlightened me.  Thank you so much!!”

“Of all of the “self help” books I’ve read, this by far has been the most enjoyable.”

“I truly feel that it has prepared me and made me realize all the habits I have that contribute to my life sucking. I want whoever is reading this to pass the message on that even 20 year olds read and should read this book.  This book was the first step in changing my life. I have read Alan Cohen’s life-changing (for me!) Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About It.  This man’s writing has turned my life around and given me GREAT peace and purpose.  I am sharing it with my partner as he struggles with his life.”

“Thank you for the great book, Why Your Life Sucks. I have evolved over the years into someone who is beginning to be at peace with herself and you have validated my life. I hope to share this with my children and my grandchildren.”

“I enjoyed Why Your Life Sucks greatly. So many themes have certainly been truisms in my life but I had not really contemplated it until I read your book. Thank you for your clarity.”

“Just now I have finished reading the book, Why Your Life Sucks, and what you can do about it.  Even though this book is less than 200 pages, it took me more than 8 weeks to finish it as each page, each line & each word has a meaning and one needs to go in depth.  It has many things to offer. Many topics are explained in such simple and understanding language if these principles are implemented it can change one’s life forever.”

“I have gained awareness through your book Why Your Life Sucks. I have always had hunches that come true in bunches, and the energy around it now is just getting faster and faster…I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I want to thank you so much for your book “Why Your Life Sucks! I’m only a third of the way through, and I’ve had so many life-changing AHA moments, it’s incredible. My life is changing and my joy is increasing at a wonderfully exponential rate, and I want to thank you for writing a book so wonderful that it could serve as an incredible catalyst for my spiritual and personal growth.”

“Mr. Cohen, Why Your Life Sucks is the best book I’ve ever read.”

“I have read Why Your Life Sucks 3 times and still find new things to learn each time. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and insights.”

“The book, Why Your Life Sucks is proving an immediate and powerful Treasure Trove for me. You really “ran the rack” on this one!  Total BREAKthrough Zone! I “just happened” to be in a Borders store that was closing out, and my eye was drawn to your work. I devoured it and applied it ASAP…Now I am signing up for your newsletter. Thanks for your contributions.”

“I have to tell you how your book “changed my life”. I do not use that term loosely. In fact I have never used it before and scoffed at people that did. I have begun to take my power back and do so without hurting anyone’s feelings. I have used your insights in the other parts of my life (which truly sucked!) and my life has never been better. I’m 51 years old and in such a great place! Keep up the good work!”


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