Rising In Love Testimonials

“These books have been my lifeline, motivating me to continue learning, growing and loving.  I just turned 60 and Rising in Love was given to me by my son. I love the way you use everyday happenings and nature to illuminate awareness.”

“Alan Cohen gives his readers the skills and insights to love and be loved. This book is a must to read. I LOVED IT!”

“Alan justifies the title that Love is Rising and not Falling. Alan is a soothing writer that calms and cools your mind with hilarious flow of words. When Love is around, Freedom exists and Alan shows light from the dark, loneliness to celebration. Alan Cohen’s Book is a great and interesting Read with a deep understanding of Relationships.”

“In Rising in Love, love itself becomes our home, it is who we are, it is what we are climbing towards. In fact, Love does make you feel that you are living on a higher plane of existence, so instead of saying you are “falling into love,” Alan presents the idea that you are “rising in love.” Alan Cohen’s books are peaceful, calming journeys and I feel comforted by the style in which he writes and his observations about life are always amusing. Also, Alan Cohen’s humor is hilarious, I just imagine him in the situations he describes and I get lost in laughter. There is a deep richness to his experiences and his books present a setting of intellectual intimacy in which his thoughts intertwine with the reader’s own inner knowledge.”

“Rising in Love is a boost to your self-confidence all while making you feel humble and more willing to try to love unconditionally. All I can say is “falling in love” seems much easier than “Rising in Love.” Although after reading this book, I’m starting to think that the difficulties in our life stem from blocking the flow of love.”

“A heartwarming, readable, and thoughtful statement on unconditional love. Alan Cohen satisfies the heart with touching stories and the mind with his ageless spiritual wisdom. “Rising In Love” is a subtle masterpiece.”

“If you know anyone who is having problems with love in their life, whether it be relationship love or love with themselves… buy them this book, and then buy them a copy of I Had It All the Time, by this same author. I hand these out to clients and friends I know, who are in need of finding themselves and who they are. These are probably, along with the Conversations with God series, by Neale Donald Walsch, the best books ever written. Extremely accessible and fun to read, I feel like I’ve know Mr. Cohen personally all of my life. Thanks again Alan for writing such a wonderful book.”

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