Relax Into Wealth Testimonials

“I just finished your book, Relax into Wealth and I wanted to thank you for helping me shift my perspective on debt and money. After reading it I have regained my inspiration to keep moving forward.”

“I have already noticed changes in my feelings and attitude towards money/wealth and have felt the difference on how allowing money to come in.”

“I just completed reading Relax into Wealth. I completed the book in just two days, which is pretty impressive for a twenty three year old who has only read two books previously. Thanks for the inspiration!”

“The book Relax into Wealth has been so helpful this year.  Not only has it modified and somewhat transformed my attitudes about money, but this transformation has also infiltrated how I think about different aspects of my life. Your affirmations and attitudes have been very helpful. I had to learn to take things more in stride regarding flow of work, money, and energy and your book helped me do that – thank you again!”

“I just finished his book Relax into Wealth and it is so wonderful.  I wish he could write a book a month!!!!!  I am always saddened when I finish one of his books. Thanks for all that you do.”

“The book has blessed me tremendously, and it has taken me to a higher level in life. After reading the book, I was so refreshed, and most importantly, I now have it in my mental consciousness that I am the wealthiest man on earth. It was timely! There were things I was going through in my life, and “Relax into wealth” gave me the answers.”

Relax into Wealth gave me a thrill of my life. In fact, I am still thrilled. I am re-reading the book again and again until it penetrates into my bloodstream. I have already started recommending the book to my friends. I have even bought some copies for other people. I am already applying the principles in the book, and they are working for me tremendously.”

““I just want to say, Mr. Cohen’s book, Relax into Wealth changed my life.”

“I just want to say how wonderful a read Relax into Wealth was. I am 44, needing to start fresh financially, and was thrilled that your book stared out at me from the shelf at the book store.  Relax was a great word to use. It was such a fabulous read, I couldn’t put it down, the bonus was that it is so inspirational as well as being logical and practical.”

“After reading Relax into Wealth I finally feel my dreams are reachable, thank-you. Thank you for making me conscious of so much!  Life is good and will only get better!”

“I read in your book Relax into Wealth. Thanks a million. Nothing will ever be the same after that. The universe is with me now that I get my life back.”

“I just finished reading your book Relax into Wealth and I had to write to you and tell you what an amazing book it is. I wish I had come across it long time ago. I wrote out every affirmation and quote and even certain paragraphs that you wrote. Your one book made a much more profound hit on me than any other book I’ve come across as of yet. I have my fears which I am working on overcoming, and your book has already changed my mind set and it’s only been 2 days!!”

“I read Relax into Wealth in the last two days. It spoke to me and I am sure that I can apply the principles to relax into wealth.”

“Wow, you really inspired me to get into the feelings of already having wealth.  I have read many inspirational books over the years, but I must say that yours is very special.”

“I would like to thank you for publishing such a wonderful book, Relax into Wealth.

I was really struggling with my life. After I read your book, I was really convinced and influenced to “relax”, and not to “work so hard to grasp happiness”. I learned not to focus on whatever I don’t like, instead, focus on what I LIKE! And listen to my inner voice.”

“When I began to read your book, Relax into Wealth, I kept telling myself this is book was very special.  I felt drawn to the pages of the book and each chapter seemed to liberate me in some inexplicable way.  I would like to say to you, Thank you.  Thank you for allowing yourself to be a vessel of light.”

“I just finished reading Relax into Wealth and I thought it was wonderful! As my Mom used to say, “you’re the bee’s knees,” and because of that you deserve all the best life has to offer.”

“I recently read Relax into Wealth and it has expertly assisted me in making some important decisions about my life.  I write today, because I wish not only to sincerely thank you, but also to affirm your effort to be a vessel for that which brings a momentum of life affirming energy to those who read your books. Your insightful and loving way of presenting the material is so very appreciated.  I am confident that this will help create a beautiful new extension of my life. I sincerely believe your insightful writing will help me to further align my world and thoughts so that I will be able to more deeply touch my capacity in a way that I have not before.  I look forward to the excellent actions I will take with joy and excitement.”

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