Looking in for Number One Testimonials

“What a joy it was to read your book! In particular I appreciate your gentle way of leading me to my core, where deeper awareness dwells. Thank you for writing this book.  I’m encouraged to trust my choices and live bigger.”

“Cohen’s wisdoms are easily recognizable nuggets of spiritual insight concerning self-nurture and the surprises of enlightenment in daily life.”

“Alan Cohen’s words can at times affect me profoundly. He has one of the most healing views of life I’ve ever encountered. His message of love and hope causes me to peacefully consider his words, laugh with amusement or find myself in tears. He has a rare appreciation for beauty, lives his life with a sense of awe and sees synchronicity at work in his life. Since reading his books I see life in a much more positive way and often have to laugh at my own tendency towards drama.”

“This book awakened a spiritual side of me. It can apply to all issues facing me with confidence and a heck a lot less tension. Highly recommended.”


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