Linden's Last Life Testimonials

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a DELIGHTFUL book!  I started reading Linden’s Last Life last night and was so intrigued that I had to take the day off work today to continue reading it! I don’t think I have ever read a book in a day, but I have now!  I LOVED it!”

“This is an inspirational book that addresses many of the fears that we have as a human race. He masterfully combines important life-lessons, spirituality, metaphysics, and questions regarding “life” that we all have, into a beautifully written novel. It’s incredibly entertaining, but at the same time teaches important life-lessons. It’s one of the greatest books of all time!”

“The content of Linden’s Last Life fascinated me at the beginning. I hope that others that read it find purpose both in the lessons within the book or the metaphors also within the plot…and perhaps even redirect their life. I have found your writing very healing. It was a great read for myself and hopefully for the future readers of the book!”

“FABULOUS! I love the story, the characters, the writing – TWO THUMBS UP! Reading an Alan Cohen book is always a life lesson plus a good time. Linden’s Last Life tops the Alan Cohen chart as far as I am concerned. Bravo!”

“Your book, Linden’s Last Life was absolutely wonderful!!! The story really pulls you into the characters own roles and personalities. The real life correlation of trials, demons and tribulation transfixed your attention to one or many of the charters, griping you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. My heart thanks you for writing this wonderful teaching! I will pass it along to all my friends!”

“The content of the book fascinated me! I hope others read it, find purpose both in the  lessons within the book or the metaphors also within the plot…and  perhaps even redirect their life.”

“How much does your life mean to you…This one will make you stop and think! No matter which God you believe in, this is a great story that will remind you that you will not be deserted. Whether you, like Linden, are also down on your luck, going through some of your own hardships, or just want a positive uplifting story to read…you will find it right here, in this book! Excellent writing, excellent story line.”

“This is a fun book with some great spiritual insights. I really enjoyed the story and the learning that came with it.”

“Alan Cohen is by far my favorite author. After reading his book Why Your Life Sucks my life changed dramatically and I decided to become a life-coach. I owe him so much. Since then, I have read several of his books and assign them to my clients. Well, he has done it again. “Linden’s Last Life” started out well, turned great, and in the end became one of my all-time favorite books. I could NOT put the book down.”

“I LOVED this book and feel everyone would not only enjoy it immensely but could actually benefit from reading it. A best seller for sure! It is a fun, thrill-filled ride as well as a substantive book on how to progress in our own lives. Linden has become a best friend!”

“This book was fantastic! It has the best of both worlds with the bold story of fictional novels with many spiritual twists along the way. It was one of those rare books that is so well written that you could read it very quickly but want to slow down to savor the experience. I was pleasantly caught off guard several times as the story rolled through multi layers of understanding. Wow, I hope the author writes another book in this unique genre soon. I don’t want to read anything now but his work!!!”

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