Joy is My Compass Testimonials

Joy Is My Compass is a delightful slice of literary heaven. It’s a collection of stories whose overall theme is that we can navigate life’s journey with joy rather than pain if we so choose. The book is filled with Alan Cohen’s usual warmth, wisdom and humor.”


“A good friend gave me your book, Joy is my Compass I did not have to get far into it at all before I saw the wisdom in your words and found things that I can tell myself daily or as needed to set myself back on the path of what really matters.”

“I spent this sunny afternoon sitting outside reading Joy Is My Compass, laughing out loud and smiling the whole time. I’ve had it in my library for some time and picked it up today for the first time. Alan has  an incredible talent of painting pictures and pin pointing truth with your words.  Every vignette has a message or a piece of wisdom that so speaks to me, and it is FUN reading.  What a wonderful example of learning through laughter.”


“I made it a habit to read something from this book everyday, mainly before setting my feet on the floor each morning. I meditated and savored what I read, thus giving me the energy and enthusiasm to challenge my day.”

“The author writes from the heart in an easy to read style; in fact so easy, you don’t want to put it down. Alan Cohen is a brilliant and stimulating writer; fantastic read.”

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