How Good Can It Get? Testimonials

“I am reading How Good Can It Get and I want to say how easy it is to refresh my heart through Alan’s wisdom. Thank you so much!”

“This book is life changing, well actually it’s life appreciating. I finished it in one afternoon because I could not put it down. I am going to give this book to every friend and family member for their birthdays this year. It is that good. Truly inspiring.”

“How Good Can It Get by Alan Cohen is a modern day parable and nothing short of a masterpiece. The ending is a complete surprise and brought me to tears. I couldn’t put it down. I recommend it to everyone who needs inspiration. In fact, I bought 10 copies and will be passing them out to my closest friends. A MUST READ!!!”

“This book is saving my life!!!!!! I loved it and will use it as my Bible for the rest of my life.”

“A marvelous story and beautifully written. The “what I learned” summaries for each chapter help bring it all into focus. I have purchased multiple copies and given to family and friends! I highly recommend as a book that one can revisit over and over. It has multiple layers to it, yet is  accessible and joyous. Thank you to Alan Cohen for putting such an outstanding work forward!”

“I have taken my copy of this book with me wherever I have moved. Somehow I never divest myself of it although other things I must leave behind. Mr. Everit still feels like a mentor I could use and the first person story teller feels real to me. I have read the book three times now, and it still brings inspiration and hope for a way to access living with the simplicity and personal peace that I want to have.”

“This little book is jam packed with “sneaky wisdom” that is easily assimilated. I loved it, will read it again.”

“This book is a treasure to read and reread. I have just finished this book a second time, and cried at the end just like the first time! A parable is a delicious way to connect to an audience, this one is funny, sad, energizing, dear, and poignant. It is classic and timeless. I’ll be giving this book to my CEO clients as a gift of perspective. The highest honor I could give it is to share it.”

“I like all of Alan Cohen’s books, but this one stands out because of the way he uses a story to engage people and teach them timeless truths. How Good Can It Get will teach you the wisdom of positive, abundant thinking that can focus your mind towards success.”

How Good Can It Get is Awesome. It’s in story format; so it is really easy to read. I can’t wait to read it again. I learned a lot from this book.”

“My tears have finally dried after finishing How Good Can It Get last night. What a useful and awe-inspiring it that has turned out to be.”

“How Good Can It Get–Now that’s my kind of learning experience! At last I can go past the stage of making affirmations and prodding myself to “think abundance” into accessing abundance directly. Thank you, Alan Cohen. Reality and imagination are in meaningful dialogue in your book. Mr. Everit and the seeker in the story touch the wellsprings of my own planetary experience and make it possible for me to take my inner/outer work to further expression. I also appreciated the concise and clear format of the book. What a great teaching tool. Bravo, Alan!”

“Been looking for a good read? This is it! I haven’t been as enthusiastic about a book since Richard Bach’s Illusions in the 70’s. How Good Can It Get is inspiring, funny, brilliant and so well written I didn’t want it to end! I’m sending copies to my friends and colleagues.


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