Happily Even After Testimonials

“I have just had my marriage break up. I read your book, Happy Even After and it was truly my savior. The positivity in it and the way you turned things around really made me see things in a different way. I am healed now and moving on with my own life. Thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“I went through a divorce and Happily Even After helped me see my situation from a totally different perspective.”

“Alan Cohen has the almost god-like ability to see good in even the most trying of situations. If you are going through a divorce, considering a divorce (especially if you have children), are in the middle of a breakup or even just ending a relationship with your significant other, then this book may be a helpful guide leading you towards greater happiness instead of unending self-defeating patterns. One quote that stood out was: “Every problem comes to you with a gift in its hands.” ~Richard Bach While it is almost impossible to see the good in a breakup if you want to stay in a relationship, there is something to be said for a gain in the area of self-esteem if you find yourself free to look for someone who will treat you with more respect. I think this is possibly the most helpful relationship book Alan Cohen has ever written.”

“I felt that this book helped my healing process a great deal.”

“This guide to seeing relationship breakups with the eyes of Big Love was a lifesaver for me. It helped me better understand the purpose of such passages and what I can do to grow and heal, and help my ex-partner do the same. My ex and I are sweet friends now thanks to this wise and insightful book. I feel far better prepared to succeed next time than if I had held on to bitterness and anger, as I see so many people do. A life-changing book.”


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