Handle with Prayer Testimonials

“I gave my mom a copy of Handle with Prayer and I am stunned at her willingness to entertain a “loving” God for the first time in her life. Thanks for speaking such loving words in this book. It is a Miracle!”

“I’m currently reading your book, Handle with Prayer. What a fantastic book. I don’t want it to finish. I’ve  read  a lot  of  self-help/spirituality books, but  yours  is  the  best  by  far.”

“I am reading Handle with Prayer and learning the power of praying which I have never thought it would be so meaningful before.”

“Several years ago I came across Handle with Prayer. I would like to say thank you, this book has been and is right at this moment my saving grace. It basically threw itself off my bookshelf again and said read me. It is now looking extremely well worn and very loved. I read out a couple of the prayers the other day in one of the spiritual groups I run. I randomly opened at a page, and it did not fail to work its magic with synchronicity and grace.”

“I have had this book for a very long time, and have read it more times than I can say. Every time I read it, I am blessed with new insights and wisdom. “I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE this book.”

“I read from this book every night before bed. I don’t care what is troubling me, I just pick (any) page in the book to read and I will find an answer or way of understanding how to handle (or understand) my issue with peace. I have bought copies of this book as gifts for my sister and other friends. Get a copy for yourself, you’ll find great comfort.”

“The information is presented in a thoughtful, common sense way that makes one think and reflect. It is the perfect book for someone who is contemplating a change or feels under a lot of stress.”

“Another brilliant book by Alan Cohen. Just the thing to start the day.”

“This book is kept at my bedside and in my purse. The prayers elevate my spirit and improve my attitude in a moment! It is wonderfully inspiring! Handle With Prayer is a book that will always give you a lifting up when you most need it.”

“This book is absolutely amazing. I carry it with me. The prayers that are at the end of every chapter, basically cover it all. It has opened my heart, my mind and my soul. I am so glad to have bought it.”

Handle with Prayer has strengthened my prayer life, and has allowed me to appreciate the good in myself and others. I have sent this little book to so many of my friends as gifts and they, too, have passed it on to their family and friends. It is very spiritually inspiring, uplifting, and a refreshing approach to manifesting our destiny through the guidance of prayer, and the love of God.”

“I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to have their prayers heard and answered.”

“I have always loved the writings of Alan Cohen, and this book definitely lives up to his prior works. I truly felt the intent and compassion behind this book, as evidenced by the goosebumps I had while reading it. This book is down-to-earth and practical, its suggestions thoughtful, thought-provoking, and do-able. This is a wonderful book for those just realizing the value of prayer, or as a confirmation for those already on the path of living a prayerful life.”


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