General Testimonials

“I cannot tell you how much I love your books.  If I get into a funk or a rut (so much less often than I used to), I just go read something and it places me so gently back into a good place.”

“I have now read 4 of your books. A few, I have read two or three times and each has dramatically changed my outlook on life.”

“So many times I quote your books and humor to help me and fellow light workers continue our journeys.”

“Your books are my saving grace.”

“I have bought several of your books which I really enjoy.  Thank you for being a positive presence in my life.”

“Your books are changing my way of living – and I am living better.”

“Your books have not merely been helpful, they have transformed my mother and me and your word always brings tears of joy and gratitude to both of us.”

“I don’t usually write to an author after reading a book, but I felt so inspired by your book that I couldn’t put it down. Thank you so much for giving me a different way of looking at things.”

“I love the simplicity and powerful heart-impacting nature of the way you approach life, beliefs, circumstances, and challenges. Your work is contributing to the emergence of Spirit in the world.”

“I believe your books will show those people the way.  This is really an interesting  book, and I thank you very much.”

“Then, this year we found your books and we were deeply moved by the philosophy you present there. As you mention, we already have everything godly within ourselves!! We now only need to search, find and bring out everything godly from WITHIN!”

“I LOVE all of your books and I am sad when I finish one.  But I always go back and keep rereading the parts I highlighted and underlined, (which is most of the words!!)”

“I just wanted to tell you how valuable your words/wisdom/insight is and thank you for sharing it.”

“Alan Cohen has a marvelous gift you have of taking the most simple and basic experiences in life and using them as heartfelt and powerful lessons to help me move closer to heart centered living.”


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