Enough Already Testimonials

“I love Alan Cohen’s books and this one is one of my new favorites. His way of conveying his message is easy to understand and very relatable. His books remind you of what is important. I would recommend them to anyone!”

“This book is truly amazing. It’s right on point with Alan Cohen’s motivating and anecdotal style. His stories are engaging, his tone is inspirational, and his down to earth-ness and honesty is humbling. I am so grateful for Alan Cohen’s writings, and happy that he continues to put out such great works. Enough Already is a beautifully written book that will help you feel like you are enough, like you have enough, because only from a place of wholeness can one truly be enough. He puts this point across in so many enlightening ways and really hits it home. This book will definitely help you release any blockages that have been keeping you from contentment thus far.”

“You have to love Alan Cohen. He has big, open heart and the writing skills of a novelist. He is able to cover familiar territory in a way that makes it fresh. He has a smooth style that makes you want to keep reading. I appreciate that he takes a totally nonsectarian, diverse approach. He’s as likely to quote a Buddhist master as a Christian mystic or a waitress. It’s a testament to his open heart that he processes the world this way and that quality of his makes him a pleasure to read.”

“If you liked Relax into Wealth, which is one of my favorite books of his, and actually one of my favorite books in general, you’ll love Enough Already. Definitely get this book. You won’t regret it. It may actually change your life!”

“One of the great threats to our survival on earth is a five-letter word:  stuff.  In Enough Already, Alan Cohen reveals how the already-present fullness of life is the treasure that is truly worth seeking. Cohen’s clear, stylish writing is a delight.”

“I am savoring Enough Already and loving it.  Love living the moment and all it brings.”


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