Don't Get Lucky, Get Smart

“I love love love this book!! It covers so many situations – past & present – that resonate with me. The book provides really sound and practical advice on changing the course of your love life (and life, overall!) that I have formulated a whole new strategy for this upcoming year. It also helped me recognize mistakes I have made in the past and patterns I’ve been stuck in. It’s an easy read, well organized, with concrete examples and sound advice. Not your typical formulaic “dating book” (like so many others out there) I highly, highly recommend it.”

“I very much like Alan Cohen’s writing! He is right on target, very positive and highly informative. An absolute must read for all types of relationships. Good bad and ugly. If you want a good relationship, Alan will show you how to get there.”

“I have got to say, this book is spot on. I highly recommended it. I just lent it to a guy friend of mine and when he’s done, I’m passing it on to someone else….. I finished it in a few days, I couldn’t put it down!”


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