Dare to Be Yourself Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your Dare to Be Yourself book. It is a wonderful gift to the world. So much of what you write I have experienced or am experiencing. It is a great confirmation of my decision to follow my dream.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the book and realized how much more easy it was to relate to than some of the other spiritual books I have tried to read. I really enjoyed how Alan made his concepts appear tangible with references to movies and other personal stories.”

“I discovered Alan’s book, Dare to Be Yourself last year while I was particularly challenged. I found it as a great inspiration and guide. Thank you so much!”

“Thanks for Dare to Be Yourself. I am delighted! I didn’t really know what being true to myself felt like before, and your book has really helped me immensely.”

“I happened on Dare to Be Yourself…fell in love with ‘it’ and carry it with me all the time.  I also have purchased several copies to give to each one of my students (I have made it ‘required reading’).  They look at the title and smile.”

“I just want to thank you for your book, Dare to Be Yourself .The following sentence caught my attention. Eliminate the word “problem” and replace it with the word “project.” It’s amazing how one word can change our consciousness.  I love your sense of humor and wisdom immensely.”

“I bought your AMAZING book and this, Mr. Cohen, was the beginning of my adventure into the world that felt like home. I felt a sense of belonging; it was absolutely wonderful to know there was someone else who thought like me. I still have my treasured book that reminds me of that very special day in my life and refer to it quite often. Also to share with you that I do have your other wonderful books as well. My deepest Gratitude to you for who you are and how you have helped me make my world a beautiful place to experience.”

“I am writing this letter to tell you how much I appreciate your books. Your stories, your insights have truly touched my heart throughout the years and I share them with everyone that I can. I read Dare to Be Yourself in two days and was amazed on how closely I related to what was written. As I was reading, I felt like my heart, my soul had finally found a voice. Your teachings have truly inspired me and I always look forward to reading your newsletters. I love the way you present your teachings and support them with real life examples.”

“I read Dare to Be Yourself and loved it. I was blown away, everything you wrote was like it was written just for me. It shows me that the human condition is truly universal. When I start to get into a negative spiral, I pick up one of your books and just start reading.  It is like food for my soul…it really helps me to stay on track.”

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