Are You as Happy as Your Dog? Testimonials

“Try Are You As Happy As Your Dog? for great starter book with Mr. Cohen’s advice on how to put life into perspective.”

“This book touched my heart and soul as I joyfully turned each page. This is a perfect gift item or stocking stuffer for any dog lover. The reflection is so genuine between our pets and ourselves. I have not read a better book showing how in tune our dogs are with themselves, and better yet, with us. I highly recommend this inspiring gift book for any pet lover.”

“For those of you that have a special connection with your fur friend this book is a gem. The truth in this book will put a smile on your face. I take it with me when I travel near and far to keep me connected to my sacred space that I call home.”

“The first book of Alan’s I read is Are You as Happy as Your Dog? I have since bought dozens of them and give them out as gifts.”

“I bought this little book on a whim for a friend as a Christmas stocking stuffer, read it, and immediately ordered more as high school graduation gifts. The well-drawn illustrations are matched with profound “truths” which any parent of a teenager has tried to say one time or another. From ‘Seize the Day’ to ‘Think Big’ to ‘Dream With Your Feet Moving’ to ‘Come Home’ this book is absolutely marvelous.”

“This is one of those wonderful put-it-all-in-perspective-simply books. I bought it for a friend who needed some cheering up. I read this book and met the author Alan Cohen years ago. At that time, he said a little phrase that has stayed with me and influenced many of my decisions throughout life in big and positive ways–“If it has heart, do it.” His little book is full of simple helpful truths.”

“I bought this sight unseen as a small gift for a dog lover, read it, then ordered more to send to friends and family. ‘Seize the Day,’ ‘Be Honest, Keep Your Eye on the Ball,’ ‘Don’t Settle for Mush,’ are only a few chapters in this very short book which is well-done cartoon illustrating very-well-written statements which we try to make as parents. This is the best self-help book around, and having a dog is optional.”

“This little book is light reading that is funny yet very inspirational. I found it relaxing, thought provoking and put a smile on my face. I highly recommend it.”

“A great little book. I would recommend this book as a gift to dog lovers, or animal lovers.”




“I bought this for my friend who turned 40. I looked through it, and it was great! I immediately bought several more for my sons. GREAT book!! VERY funny!! And inspirational, too. “



“I carry this little book in my purse and refer to it often. Although you can read it in a short sitting, you want to go back and re-read passages over and over. It made me laugh and it made me choke up with emotion. My girlfriend loved it so much she ordered 25 copies to give as gifts to all her friends and relatives.”


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