A Deep Breath of Life Testimonials

“My husband and I sit down every morning and read from A Deep Breath of Life. Our book is torn and tattered, since we are now entering into our 4th year of reading it!  I think I have bought 20 copies that I have given to friends & family.”

“I read your A Deep Breath of Life four years running until it became faded and falling apart but each year I gained deeper knowledge of myself.”

“I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy A Deep Breath of Life It is my second year of reading it in the morning.  The first year I opened it at random.  This year I am reading it from cover to cover, day by day.  A lovely to start my day, your book and a cup of tea.”

“Your book A Deep Breath of Life was and still is a well of fresh water me.”

“We gave our friend who is a nurse your Deep Breath book a few months ago. He now has a routine every day when he goes to work: he and the other nurses at his station gather around and read the lesson for the day together before they start their rounds. One woman even made a copy of one page, had it laminated, and carries it around with her! The daily lessons are rippling out from that morning nurses’ meeting and I’m sure they’re having a positive effect on many lives.”

“I found myself slipping into negative behaviors and then I started reading A Deep Breath of Life once again. I am going to buy myself a new copy of a deep breath as this one is literally coming apart at the seams.”

“That book was my saving Grace. It has helped me so very much to trust that I am ok no matter what, and I and my family will be ok. I use it as my bible. It has brought such peace to my life. I read it each day to my husband, who really is inspired by it, as well. I have since given the book to at least 30 people in my life, who cherish it as much as I do. It’s amazing how each time you read it, you are in a different place and it hits you differently.”

“Your A Deep Breath of Life has been my daily bible for about 3 years. Thank you for your ever-so appropriate messages and your devoted inspiration.”

“Thank you for A Deep Breath of Life I have this great book at my bedside and read it every night.  I wish I had words to explain what discovering his works has done for me; no longer is ANY situation desperate or without hope.  I simply pick up the book and reconnect with the truth.  It is amazing how simple things really are.”

“I have read and re-read this book and found it so helpful on my journey.  It has spoken to me all these years although I am now currently using it as a daily inspirational book. Interestingly I do not see that I have highlighted, underlined, starred, etc. the sentences in your book, which leads me to believe that every sentence (word) was/is important to me.”

“For years, literally, I have read the daily inspirations in your book, A Deep Breath of Life. It is quite worn now; filled with notes, highlights, and turned down pages. I think so often about how grateful I am for this book and the many times your morning inspirational message has set my day off to a good start. I have spent years with your wise and wonderful words and has been influenced so many countless times. Thank you.”

“A friend gave me a copy of your book, A Deep Breath of Life, in 2002.  I’ve read it every day, ever since that time. This book has been so inspirational to me; renewing my hope so many times. This type of encouragement is helping my husband and me to renew our faith and keep believing in our Dream. Thank you for writing this book and putting out into the world!  The world needs love and this is love in action.”

“Through all my years of daily prayer time with A Deep Breath of Life, I’ve created a life of abundance and joy and peace.”

I work as a business and clinical consultant and one of the things that our company provides for their coaches is a copy of your book A Deep Breath of Life All new consultants receive this book in their initial “box” of instruction manuals. Thank you for your wisdom.”

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