A Daily Dose of Sanity Testimonials

“I came across your book Daily Dose of Sanity and I was hooked by it immediately. Now I have made it a practice to read one page daily and try to incorporate its message in my life. I am very thankful to you for such a wonderful book. It is my source of inspiration and motivation. I have discovered a sort of treasure as I can keep reading one page daily for my lifetime. Thanks again for a beautiful learning experience.”

“I have recently read A Deep Breath of Life. This book brings Godliness into the here and now with lessons of profound loving. I deeply appreciate Alan’s ability to provide a spiritual perspective on the mundane, expanding my consciousness and connection with Spirit. My copy has joined A Deep Breath of Life (my favorite book, EVER) on my nightstand where it will also serve as a daily tool of inspiration.”

A Daily Dose of Sanity will now be the first thing I look at when I get to my desk in the morning. Thank you so much!”

“This year I received your book A Daily Dose of Sanity as a Christmas gift. One day self doubt began to creep in and the two passages I read that day from your book. Reading those passages help get me back on track and helped me regain my confidence. Your books have helped me move forward on my dreams.”

“I start my day with A Deep Breath and at noon take A Daily Dose in my meditation — these books are the mainstays of my daily spiritual practices.  Together with wisdom I’ve gathered from your workshops and talks you’re one of my main spiritual mentors and I’m so grateful.”

“I have been using your new book, A Daily Dose of Sanity, daily since it came out.  Last year I used it day by day.  This year I am opening it at random. Thank you.”

“Just before the beginning of this year, I bought myself A Daily Dose of Samity. Each and every day since January 1 I have been reading it and love it! It is a challenge at times… not to remember to or force myself to, read it. Not at all. The “challenge” if you will, is to not read ahead!”

“I use A Daily Dose in my noontime meditation and your wisdom is so spot-on for whatever is happening in my joyful life.”

“I want to thank you once again for providing the voice of Spirit in my life.”

I read the excerpts from A Deep Breath of Life and A Daily Dose of Sanity daily and they consistently give me the message I most need to hear. At the moment I am experiencing financial challenges and I utilize your wisdom to bring me back to the Truth of who I am.”




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