Get Real Testimonials

“Listening to you right now on Hay House Radio. You bring a smile to my face and you make my heart warm! Bless you and all you touch!”

“I listen to you every week on Hay House. I just heard your show with Dougall Fraser. When you two started talking about gays and spirituality I was so moved. I felt so validated from your kind and gentle manner it brought me to tears. I was  mess during your closing prayer. Thank you for all that you do and I enjoy your show every week.”

“Thank you for BEing you and for guiding me. I listened to your show today about prayer on HayHouse radio. I am moved to tears as I continue to get lessons on love, abundance, faith, God, my life purpose. I’ve been cracked open. Thank you. Thank you . Thank you. You always seem to have the perfect words, wisdom and guidance and I thank the heavens you are in this realm at this time.”

“Thanks so much for your show on Hay House Radio last week. I happened upon it by coincidence when I couldn’t sleep. I had listened to an earlier show and your title “Get Real” grabbed me. So, glad it did. Not only what you said were such great reminders…..I actually shifted during your show mainly because of who you are being. It was such a relief to experience that. Just wanted you to know that you made a huge difference here in Los Angeles. Great appreciation flowing!”

“Bravo, Alan!!!!! That show was magnificent! It was so from the heart, helpful to me and obviously the callers. I love everything you are saying (can you tell I’m in the high joy vibration?)  Imagine how many people were affected positively by that show!”

“Each week I am pleased to find you doing your radio show on Hay House…your show is one of my favorites, because of you…and the grace you put forth in dealing with people…especially some who are ‘acting out’…I feel you are a brilliant role model who is fearless in showing your humanness. It’s a beautiful gift that you give to the world each week.”

“I have a great deal to thank you for. In fact, I find your exchanges with your callers so consistently satisfying and instructive that I spent a couple of hours (off and on) this afternoon ruminating on something you said during your meditation that didn’t seem to settle right. Writing poetry (which became a form of meditation) and listening to Hay House Radio helped me learn to love my wabi-sabi self (thank you for THAT, too!) unconditionally. Thank you, Alan, for your wonderful work and your light, gentle approach.”

“I could hear the smile and the warmth…the heart….in your voice. You stayed focused but fluid…flexible. And a LOT of good humor!”

“This was by far the easiest, most fun, and relaxed radio show I have participated in. I had the best time with you. You are a natural. I am going to post this link on my site and tell people to tune in each week – I know I will! You are a blessing to the world.”

“Thank you for being such a kind, caring soul on Hay House Radio.  I can just feel the relief, acceptance and love people experience once you have spoken to them.”

“What a treat it is to listen to your interviews. I am glad you have joined the Hay House lineup on the radio. It gets me through my day at work.”

“I just want to say thank you for your wonderful work, which I discovered since listening to you on Hay House radio last week and today. I sooooo enjoyed your interview this morning….I was exercising at the time and kept getting on and off my exercise machine to make notes! But in the end, I gave up and am now busy looking at your website and ordering books! Thank you, thank you, for transforming my day, and my life.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your radio show. What a creative, supportive and LIGHT energy you are. I’ve promoted your HayHouse show several times.”

“I love your calm constructive attitude and have enjoyed your program since it first began.”

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